• A glimpse into the future
    Robot's hand types on keyboard

    I was glad to see the back of last week, one of the worst I have had in a long time. It felt like everyone was out to get...

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  • My midlife crisis
    midlife crisis

    I hit the ground running in January and decided that I could not face another year of the same old routine, doing the same thing day after day and...

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  • Why I don’t fit into my generation?
    Businesswoman relaxing doing yoga at office

    I am a generational misfit, I never fitted in with my generation, not then or now.  I squeezed into the generation the media refer to as the ‘baby boomers’...

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  • Why ‘superwoman’ doesn’t exist.

    My week did not go to plan. As it was half term week, I had it all mapped out, concert Monday night with my boys, Tuesday train in the...

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  • Progress, what progress?

    I’ve just finished the fourth season of Peaky Blinders and what a brilliant series. I am biased because I’m from Birmingham and Peaky Blinders is based in the heartlands....

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  • I quit and it’s only January
    Happy New Year Text with Gold Fireworks in Night Sky

    Is it really another year, gone, just like that? It’s January not that you need reminding and I all I can think about is that it will be another...

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  • Sometimes you just can’t get on with your parents.
    Upset young woman and senior mother having bad argue indoor

    Relationships with parents can be complicated. There are many siblings who have no contact with their parents and in the same vein, many parents have been alienated from their...

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  • I want a bit of self care and mindfulness, do you?
    tips for well being on napkin

    I’ve been keeping busy and adjusting to life with just the three of us. Menopausal or not, I have been analysing life for what it is rather than what...

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