• A Life Less Fulfilled
    a life less fulfilled

    It is the last day before the boys go back to school following the easter break. The sun is streaming through the bathroom window and I can feel the...

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  • Has selfishness replaced happiness
    group of smiling girls chilling on the beach

    This week I’ve been scratching my head over whether we should focus on happiness or selfishness.  Is being happy the key to a rewarding, fantastic life or, should we...

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  • The Impetuousness of Youth
    Group of friends playing digital games at home.

    The kids of today, want things straight away. As they rush around, like headless chickens. Never listening, nor pausing, To soak in the view. Decisions, decisive Yet seemingly Random....

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  • Diary of a sugar addict – one year on
    Diary of a sugar addict

    I am alive and kicking.  This time last year I was diagnosed with candida albicans a yeast infection of the gut. Long term side effects were just that, long...

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  • Inspire your heart with art day
    2017-01-31 12.44.23

      January 31st is Inspire your heart with art day and as I love to sketch and draw,  although I am a work in progress I thought I would...

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  • How life has changed since I reached my 50’s
    What I've learnt since reaching my 50s

    Hell it’s January, my birthday was on the 3rd and as I stirred from my slumber I smiled inwardly and then buried my head into the pillow as it...

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  • I’m f****d off with the swearing in my household.
    Beauty woman is showing middle finger

    I have been in a quandary over my kids who seem unable to string a sentence together without using bloody, shit, crap and my eldest son’s frequent use of...

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  • What IS holding women back?

    Are you a feminist someone asked me the other day? ‘What gave you that idea’, I said.  ‘You’re very passionate about women’s rights, the ideal working environment for women,...

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