About Me

Hello, I’m Caroline McCormack and my day job is running a printMcCormack JAR_5356 management and outsourcing business in Bedford.

I started One Woman’s View following my successful completion of a freelance journalist course because I wanted to improve my writing skills.

Tom Hopkins in his book “How to master the art of selling” writes “the older you get the more you know you need to know”. In my case very true.

My love of writing came about as a direct result of blogging and providing web content for Digital Print Management’s website.

What do I write about?

My passion in life aside of my husband, children and work is F1 Motor Racing, running, drawing and painting.

My specialist areas of writing include Womens issues, teenagers, health/fitness, fashion (love hand-bags, ok shoes as well) business and technology.

I graduated from the University of Nottingham in 1986 and from 2000-2002 studied a business degree at De Montfort University.

Born of an italian mother and english father, I speak ‘get-by’ italian but I blame my mother for that, passable spanish and terrible french.

I am available to take on commissions writing feature articles for magazines, newspapers and websites.

According to my family, I am the greatest film critic there is!

Whilst I can’t remember my own telephone number I can recall names of actors, when the film was made, who directed it and who composed the film score. Yep I am a film geek.

I would describe myself as ‘a frustrated blonde’ because blondes definitely have more fun!

I’m an active runner and do lots of fitness training as I believe its good not just for our bodies but for the soul too.

I’m a big fan of SM that’s social media and not the other acronym, twitter was very definitely invented for me.

Definitely a techno-gadget fiend who wants to have all the latest gizmos, after all, how many ipad’s and samsung galaxy tabs does a girl really need?

The great Bob Dylan said:

a person is a success if they get up in the morning and get to bed at night and in between does what he/she wants to do’.

 My philosophy for life!


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