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Happy New Year Text with Gold Fireworks in Night Sky

I quit and it’s only January

Is it really another year, gone, just like that?Diary of a sugar addict

It’s January not that you need reminding and I all I can think about is that it will be another year before I have to plan when the christmas decorations go up, make sure christmas cards are sent out on time, yes I still send christmas cards, and presents for family and friends are sorted.

On top of which my birthday falls on the 3rd January.

I am at the age where christmas and my birthday come around way to quick for my liking and so I want to make the most of the time.

I refuse to celebrate new years I’d rather pull up a cozy chair and hunker down with a glass of something fizzy and watch the fireworks in London.

I can’t see the point in starting the new year with an almighty hangover and I know I don’t have the discipline to resist the temptation of one.

I am feeling strangely optimistic even though there’s a hurricane blowing outside and we have what looks like three feet of water, with the threat of snow on the way.

Monday 15th is blue Monday the day when we are most likely to feel depressed and blue.

Happy New Year Text with Gold Fireworks in Night Sky

The harsh reality is the arrival of those bills you’ve been dreading and the ‘did I really spend that much on christmas’ moment hits you like a hammer over the head? A big gulp followed by a rapid heartbeat and then panic when you have to work out how you are going to pay THAT credit card bill.

Each year our christmas spending would probably feed a small country.

I love christmas or rather the lead up to the big day, christmas songs on the radio, decorations everywhere, children finishing school. I love the whole thing but, I’m glad when christmas is put away in the box for another year.

Then it’s time to get on and face the future without looking back.

I don’t believe in resolutions, a waste of time and by day four most of us have kicked them into touch or forgotten about them once the ‘dreadmill’ starts up again.

I do however set myself goals or rather things I want to get done from personal to business.

I should add I haven’t sat down and even thought about goals and objectives.

Except I decided that ‘Dry January’ should be my main goal for the start of the year.

I got to Saturday 6th and downed two bourbons for medicinal purposes of course, my hands and feet were so cold and bourbon has warming properties, apparently.

In my defence, my eldest went back to University and I felt sad again so go figure.

But as each year rolls around I question the whole point of my existence; to look after my family, to keep my head above water, pay the bills and if I’m lucky, make enough to go on a couple of holidays.

I also find myself playing the lottery more diligently in January I’m sure it’s something to do with my personal tax bill due 31st, VAT and credit card payments that ensures my interest is peaked.

Fingers crossed next time you read this I might be on a sandy beach somewhere with a large Mojito.

Realistically, more likely to be stuck in my office dreamily looking out of the window wishing for good things.

I have a love/hate relationship with January it was the month I was born, my dad apologised for this oversight recently when I suggested that I am at the age where I shall declare a second birthday in June. No one needs to know do they?

January means I am a year older and I am not enjoying the ageing process, it is lovely when someone says you look great then they finish the sentence with ‘for your age’.

I think June birthdays have to be the best, smack bang in the middle of the year with christmas or easter long gone. Lovely.

I am left wondering what I should do with this expanse of time until the next birthday.

I have this compelling desire to make sure I make the best use of all my time, like learn something new, (again!) travel (still waiting for the lottery win), read more books (did that one last year) learn a language (yawn)

Truthfully, I’d prefer to  binge watch on ‘Scandal’, a far better prospect than learning or doing something different, it’s my age you see.

What’s wrong with just ‘being’? And then if I decide to learn swahili or visit Bosnia well good for me.

For what it’s worth I came up with what I think definitely should not be on your new year’s resolution list:

  1. Forget about dieting if you haven’t lost weight you never will so what’s the point in giving yourself a hard time
  2. Decide to walk for 3 miles instead, say 3 times a week or swim and walk twice a week far better for you and you are more likely to want to do it than visit a slimming class only to be told your overweight for the hundredth time
  3. Keep a food diary – do this and I guarantee it will change your life especially when you read what you’ve eaten, you’ll want to get healthy
  4. Maintain a positive attitude – if I had a quid for every time I heard that. Since last week I’ve been walking around with a fake smile that says ‘yea everything is fab’ when actually all I want to do is crawl back into bed. Truth is if I start to feel negative then everything else turns to s**t so keep your head up and smile.

I’m done, until next time and thank you if you’ve made it to the bottom of this page.

Time to Workout

Do you need a personal trainer?

Time to Workout

Most people baulk at the idea of having a personal trainer.

They are more expensive than gym memberships and with the average rates outside of London anywhere from £40-£75 per hour and in London anywhere from £60 – £150.

It’s understandable that hiring a PT is considered a luxury but when you compare that to the billions wasted on unused gym memberships it represents excellent value.

We can justify paying out for a good bottle of wine or have manicures and facials weekly yet paying for a personal trainer is beyond our financial justification.

Claire-Louise Linnett, 27 years and an experienced PT says “the benefits of choosing a PT are worth sacrificing the luxuries depending on how much individuals need motivation and guidance to progress with their health and fitness. When you choose to work with a PT you are paying not just for a workout but for effectiveness, appropriateness and improved confidence”.

Mark, 49 a Managing Director based in Bedford says “it’s value engineering”. I’ve had a personal trainer for over 6 years and train twice weekly. I’ve cut back on my local pub trips and justified the cost because I can see the fitness and health benefits”.

Having a personal trainer helps establish a fitness routine that is tailored around your availability and to your specific needs. Whether it’s losing weight, improving muscle tone or simply requiring motivation to work out.

Obesity has doubled since 1980 according to the World Health Organisation and with obesity levels set to rise even more by 2050 governments are spending millions on campaigns to encourage us to get fit and eat healthily.

Happy fitness woman lifting dumbbellsSince 2009 there has been a surge in the recruitment of personal trainers and according to the fitness exercise register there are over 19,000 PT’s in the UK capable of stretching, toning and pushing us to the very limits of our ability, endurance and existence.

Claire-Louise Linnett has spent 6 years training people of all ages, shapes and sizes, “one of the main reasons people come to me for training is time and motivation. They find it difficult to make time to go to the gym but training with me ensures they are committed, focused and turn up for the session.

The key to being a good PT is understanding what the client hopes to get out of their sessions and tailor a program that they will love to do so they will experience real benefits, keeping it fresh and different each session means the client won’t get bored”.

Aileen, a 62-year-old retiree says having a PT is important to my well being. Now that I’m retired I have more time and want to get fitter and feel better about myself”.

PT’s help to enforce an exercise regime and foster good eating habits because they have acquired knowledge of everything that is essential in exercise and healthy living through training.

The register of exercise professionals provides certification for all UK PT’s. As a member of the register PT’s are obliged to undergo continued professional development to ensure that their knowledge is up to date it also means they are insured to practice.

What do good personal trainers offer?

  1. They provide accountability and motivation
  2. Expertise and know how in what they teach
  3. They will customise each training session to suit the needs of their clients
  4. They will help you achieve your fitness goals
  5. They will review your progress and advise and vary your training sessions accordingly
  6. Consistency – they will always turn up for your session

How do you find the right personal trainer? one couple man woman exercising workout fitness

  • Find a qualified PT from the fitness industry register
  • What experience do they have and can they provide references
  • Be clear on your personal objectives and ensure you tell your PT what your goals are
  • Make sure YOU feel comfortable with them
  • Ask for 2-3 sessions to see how it works for you before you decide to commit longer term