Whether you’ve worked with a copywriter before or not, One Woman’s View has formulated some questions to ask your prospective copywriter.

What does a copywriter, digital content writer or web writer do?


We write great copy.

The whole point of writing content for print, digital or web is to maximise words that engage with your client to get them to take some kind of action.

Maybe it’s in the form of a response like a telephone call, email or to fill out an online form, whatever it is the end goal is hopefully to get the customer to take action and then the sales process begins.

Writing is subjective and won’t always win or influence your readers and it isn’t as straightforward as it sounds.

It takes knowledge, judgement and intuition that comes with years of experience including successes and failures.

But most of all copywriting is about understanding the customer, the end user, the person whom the content you have lovingly crafted is going to read.

It has to be simple without being patronising, clever without being overbearing and presumptuous and fun without being smug.

How much is this going to cost me?

Honestly, we don’t know until we have a chat and establish what it is you want, how much of it you want and, where we can really help you. That done, we can then give you an estimate based on your initial outline and take it from there.

Why should I hire a copywriter, I’ve got an English O Level?

It’s the perennial question I get asked.

“That sounds great but I can do it myself.”

Everyone thinks they can write after all they are only words but the problem is when you come to do it yourself you forget who you are writing for and start writing copy as if you are the buyer, the person that will swoop onto your site and order loads of widgets.

And, because it is your business you think what you do is amazing and why wouldn’t anybody want to buy from you after all you have carefully drafted that great sales letter or marketing brochure.

The problem is because you know it all it’s easy to let big words and technical jargon slip into the copy which only serves to confuse the potential buyer.

This happens because we are subjective when it comes to writing about ourselves or our businesses and we forget that the buyer is our customer and not us.

Think of the time it takes to write a brochure, a sales letter or copy for a website and you then need someone to check the grammar, spelling and the flow.

Have you really saved time?

You could write it yourself but it will never be as good as it could be if you hired a copywriter.

You’re based in Bedford I’m not?

Our clients are distributed around the UK and London.

Whilst we love to meet new people we are going to work with and are happy to meet at your offices, realistically with time constraints, traffic and busy diary schedules, this isn’t always practical or essential for our customers so we can work via email, phone, teleconference whatever suits you.

How long will it take to complete?

That depends on the size, complexity and scope of the project. What information you provide us with and when you need it.

Larger projects may involve research and interviews and so will take longer.

A brief from you will give us a guide on time required to fulfil the project.

What information do you need to provide One Woman’s View with?

The briefing stage is vitally important to ensure the successful delivery of the completed project.

The more background information and material you can provide the quicker we can work to project completion.

Examples of previous advertising, promotional material, information about your company, product/service are all helpful in understanding your requirements and ensuring a successful outcome.

Think about the tone of voice, the style of writing, is it technical, complicated or easy?

What subjects need to be avoided, what must be included?

Anything that you can give us which will help during the planning and writing stage.

Will you own the copyright to the work you do for me?

Only on completion of the project and when payment has been received in full, all rights for the copy will revert to you.

I’ve used a copywriter before and it didn’t go too well!

What do we always want but never get? A good deal.

If you want cheap and cheerful then we won’t be the right people for you.

If you want good, honest, professional advice and help then One Woman’s View can most definitely help you.

Did we mention that One Woman’s View is a division of Digital Print Management so we know what it takes to produce first-class quality copy that works? 

We’ve helped a ton of companies over the years designing, writing, planning well written high-quality content for customers.

I like what I’ve read, what happens now?

Easy, fill in the contact form and give us a brief outline of what it is you need and we will call back to get more details about your project.

Depending on what the project involves we will get an estimate to you within 24 hours.

Assuming you like our initial estimate we can take a more detailed brief of the project where we can then provide a targeted estimate so you’ll know how much your project will cost.