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Our world is full of words.

You see them everywhere on advertising hoarding, magazines, leaflets, websites, emails, brochures and catalogues the list is infinite.

And they all have to be written by someone.

A copywriter can help YOU get the results you want by writing quality content.

If you need a reputable content writer with a proven track record producing top quality articles, content for blogs, sales brochures, web pages, marketing messages and want to gain more customers then GET IN TOUCH to discuss your needs now!

I love words and I love to write and copywriting requires attention to detail, SEO optimisation and an understanding of what your visitor is looking for when they land on your website or receive a direct mail piece.

I help organisations, companies and individuals achieve great results with first-class copywriting whether it is for a sales brochure, a customer mailing, content for web pages that boost traffic to your website or blog posts. If you need great copywriting skills then GET IN TOUCH.

The cornerstone of great communications between you and your customer is content that is meaningful, makes sense to your audience and gets them to take action.

If you get the first one or two sentences wrong on your marketing copy, you lose the interest of the customer and your message is lost, you LOSE that customer.

Martin Sorell the PR strategist said: “Marketing is an investment, not a cost!”

How does your audience get to know you, know where you are, what your company and your brand stand for if they cant find you?

How do you tell them how good your services are and why they should be using you?

How can your company help them?

What benefits will they get from using your services?

If you don’t market your services and get your message out there how will your company be found?

Why work with me?

Caroline came highly recommended to us.
The BIG Gospel choir had an urgent need for a copywriter to produce a mailshot to send out to our prospective clients.
We needed a first-class copywriter to write a creative mailer. Caroline did just that.
She took a lot of time asking questions so that she could really understand what we do and what we wanted to achieve with our mailer.
She nailed it for us and really got the tone and ethos of the BIG Gospel Choir, perfect.
She used the right words, imagery and content to create a great finished piece ready to go to print.
Her knowledge of print and design also helped us think about the format we should go for and she suggested some different design and mailing options.
Our finished piece is with our designer and I can’t wait to see it in print.
I have no hesitation in recommending Caroline, ultimately we got more than we ever thought possible. Awesome!  Gail Windrass – BIG Gospel Choir

Simple. I own a print management company, Digital Print Management and I know what it takes to run a business. I understand the pitfalls, the worries, frustrations and the highs and lows of running a business.

I have over twenty-five years of designing, writing and planning well written high-quality content for our customers.

By showing them how to get the very best from their copy when it comes to designing and writing marketing content, increasing website traffic and persuading the customer to take action.

Here are recent examples of my work:

Beds Borough Bulletin p1

Beds Borough Bulletin p16 pdf

Mid Beds Bulletin p1 Nov’19

Why does that make me the ideal person to write your content?

I love what I do and I practice what I’ve learned. I also love working with people who have a vision of what they want to achieve but don’t have the copywriting skills or time to do it.

Whatever it is, maybe a sales letter for a customer mailing, a brochure, a landing page for a website designed to get your customers to do something I can take your ideas and make it happen.

There will be times when I may suggest some crazy ideas but I like to think way outside the box and, to achieve great things requires greater thinking.

Who have I done work for?

I met Caroline at a local (digital) networking event, and my god am I glad I did!

Having spent weeks if not months agonising over the copy and content for my new website! Is it any good? Will it attract my clients? What’s a longtail keyword!? And many other thoughts that were holding me back, I decided I needed outside help and Caroline was awesome.

She took the time to genuinely get to know me, my voice but also my vision for the “why” behind what I do and helped take what I had produced and really made something worthy of my new site.

Caroline is an amazing character, charming with a quick wit that always made our follow up calls enjoyable.

Once the copy was done and final drafts were submitted, she didn’t just disappear with a paid invoice in her hand, she took time out of her busy day to check up and offer extra support and ongoing advice to really help me make the impact I was seeking.

I can’t thank her enough and recommend you get in touch with her 🙂

Tom Nash Mr Divorce Coach

Case study one

Caroline helped us redesign our website from scratch, wrote the content and as a result of her knowledge of the web, SEO, and content we secured two major customers with a spend in excess of £250k for our services. I am convinced that it was her commitment to understanding our business, wanting to know who our customers are and the types of customers we were after. All of this contributed to the making of a successful website.

Managing Director – Leading southern heating and plumbing commercial services company.

Case study two

Caroline took a rough piece of paper with a design for a mailing we had an idea for and wanted to send to our customers, she worked her magic.

We didn’t really have a clue where to start other than a seedling of an idea. Caroline took what little we had and shaped it into the perfect customer mailing.

She ended up suggesting a number of great ideas for the mailing piece, wrote the whole thing for us, printed and mailed it out.

We gained several new customers and our ROI more than covered the cost of using OWV services. We have currently engaged Caroline to do more development work on our website and to assist with our marketing resources on a monthly basis.

Operations Manager – Banking client, London

Case study three

Caroline’s knowledge of print not only helped us to redesign and reposition our website content and brand but, enabled us to put into place a working marketing strategy.

Her knowledge, understanding, expertise and her ability to drill down deep by really getting to know us and, what we do have made such a difference to the way we now capture prospects from our website.

Her ability to articulate in writing the essence of who we are and more importantly who our customers are has meant that our website content and resources are working for us rather than against us.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Caroline to help you with your content, writing or anything that requires ‘words’.

Managing Director – Print Company

Case study four

I was sceptical about hiring a copywriter for our marketing newsletters in both print and electronic versions but Caroline proved her weight in gold.

Her down to earth ‘say it as it is attitude’ coupled with her great ideas meant that we increased our website traffic, gained more subscribers and have converted three major customers. I am convinced that it’s Caroline’s knowledge of writing, web, and SEO that helped us achieve our marketing goals.

She’s busy so if you want to use her you need to be quick!

Marketing Manager – SME

Working with me will involve understanding what your business is about, what you do and how you do it.

Who your audience is, where they are, what you want to say to them and the best way to get your marketing messages across.

Contact me for a FREE consultation NOW! And let’s make things happen!