The enigma that was Margaret Thatcher

What kind of country are we that people have resorted to violence and destruction to celebrate the death of a former world statesman (and I use ‘man’ in the literal sense), prime minster and leading politician of a generation that saw the UK taken out of the grip of the unions and the wretchedness it found itself in and into the 20th century?

I am of course referring to the late and great Margaret Thatcher.


Loved her or loathed her, Margaret Thatcher stood firm when it came to her principles and beliefs.

Many disagreed with some of her policies and her beliefs but her skill and determination ensured that Britain became a force to be reckoned with on the world stage.

Margaret Thatcher was inherently british.

She was a passionate advocate for this country, she loved Britain, she wanted this country to be a world leader – enterprising, entrepreneurial, innovative and forward thinking, moreover she wanted nothing more than for Britain to stamp its authority on the international stage.

Thatcher worked tirelessly for the greatness of Britain.

She single handledly put the Grr back into Great Britain and made me very proud to be british, patriotic and more importantly she taught many the importance of democracy and how fortunate the english are to have the freedom that we so cherish, enjoy and take for granted in the country in which we live.

She had presence and could silence a room by banging her fist when she wanted people to listen. Running through her veins was absolute britishness.

She wanted the people to enjoy freedom like they had never experienced under previous governments. She was instrumental in what at first seemed ruthless policy making, unpopular decisions disliked by many including the Poll tax and the anti-union legislation changes that effectively dismantled the unions.

Leadership = making tough decisions that not everyone will agree.
Being a leader means making tough decisions that not everyone will agree with.

Being a leader means making tough decisions even if it results in unpopularity. That’s tough, life is tough.

Running government is no different to running a business. There are people to manage, decisions to be taken, ultimately someone makes the final choice based on facts, experience, knowledge and sheer gut instinct.

My parents taught me to make up my own mind when it came to politics neither parent wanted to ‘influence me’ but showed me that by reading, learning and understanding the views of the main parties it would help formulate whom I would vote for when I turned 18.

My father would always say no one party ever gets it right, in fact if we could take the best from all the leading political parties then an elected government might just achieve greater things collaboratively.

When the conservatives took power in 1979 I was still in my mid teens so my understanding of politics was like many teenagers confined to the annals of boredom.

Margaret Thatcher lead the country as the first woman among men.

In 1987, I recall my boss at the time who claimed to be a feminist commenting on how Mrs T was probably the worst thing that could happen for women’s liberation in the work place and society in general.

I looked at her quizzically and said, ‘you’re looking at this the wrong way. Mrs Thatcher has done the complete opposite, she has empowered women she has shown that by working hard, from a modest background, women can go on to achieve positions of power and status’.

There are 146 female members of parliament out of 650, 100 years ago there were none.

I continued by saying, ‘ I see Mrs Thatcher as a very positive role model for women, she’s an individualist something you keeping telling your employees to be. You don’t like her because you despise her politics and what she stands for. Yet you have set up your own successful business, have a jaguar parked outside because of Mrs Thatcher and not in spite of. That’s called free enterprise, giving women the opportunity to enjoy what is ‘capitalism’ which in turn embraces democracy and freedom’.

Because of Margaret Thatcher companies were able to thrive and prosper and there was genuine feeling of ‘togetherness’ in Britain. Some policies were divisive but only to those who didn’t or couldn’t understand what running a business entails and the mechanics of running the country are no different in principle.

Consumerism gained pace and Britain was mighty.

How sad is our country now?

A country faltering on the brink of collapse, a broken society so broken that I fear there is no return to better times. People who believe that hand outs are away of life and that society should pay them and not the other way around.

Great Britain seems to have disappeared in favour of the United Kingdom, united by what? The last time we were united as a nation was over the Falklands Islands in 1982.

The only time GB appears is on the back of a sportsman/woman’s vest representing England.

The grrr greatness has all but disappeared.

There are teenagers hell bent on self-destruction with no role models and no direction.

The poor still poor and the rich even richer.

The middle-class still the poorer for supporting and suffering in silence by being taxed to death and enabling the rest of society.

Yet here we are today, a coalition government capable of great things yet incapable of communicating and agreeing. Instead they bicker, fight, a constant war of words and no sign of firm leadership or decisiveness only derision.

Making tough decisions that affect the economy and get the UK back on firm footing are an absolute must for the greater good of society.

As a country we are less empowered now then we were back in the 70’s and 80’s.

The future looks grim and a strong leader who takes decisive action is what will drag the UK back out of its sorry state and place us back on the map as Great Britain once and for all.

The electorate deserve a strong leader, a decisive government and one that can protect its people and our sovereignty. It requires boldness and vision where the public can come together as one united nation believing that the government has its public at heart and is doing the very best it can.

My father, a second world war refugee says. ‘it takes a war to unite us and show the world how good we are as a nation’.

Whilst I don’t advocate or wish for a war I know I speak for many in wanting a little of what we had in the 80’s.

Margaret Thatcher may not have endeared herself to the masses but she represented Great Britain with belief and passion. She was an inspirational leader and the way she governed changed the face of Britain forever.

Loved or loathed, her strong governance will be sorely missed and sadly there is no one in her wake to follow in her worthy footsteps.

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