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Business jargon and buzzwords. Are they driving you mad?

Amazing that we have become a society driven by social media and buzzwords, all of which have reached epidemic proportions.Social media concept

So, I’m” reaching out to you” to share my point of view about digital transformation, big data and google algorithms.

You lost me at jargon.

Are there any current business phrases or jargon that just makes you cringe?

I’m reaching out to you sends me to near anaphylaxis I detest the phrase.

Three times in one day, firstly by B.T. an insurance company and finally a comms company  “reaching out to us” to sell a product or service.

Touch base another perennial favourite; that phrase has been around since my days in recruitment over twenty five years ago.

I’d like to touch base with you offline? Why not say let’s meet up and have a chat?

a life less fulfilledBlue sky thinking? When let’s sit down and have a creative brainstorming session makes more sense.

Let’s be proactive? Isn’t that the point?

Thinking outside the box – an extension of the above thinking creatively without the constraints of an agenda allowing the free flow of ideas.

Thought shower – when let’s make time to have a half hour session and come up with some ideas sounds so much better.

It’s on my radar – err this one means yes I know about it and I will get to it.

Close of play or COB (close of business) err not cricket, by the end of the business working day

It will definitely wash its own face – isn’t easier to say the benefits far outweigh the costs, in other words, it will pay for itself.


Companies need to embrace big data and A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) sooner rather than later. iStock_000034282008Small

Businesses face digital transformation on an unprecedented scale how should we leverage the cloud to its full potential?

Personalisation, personalised segmenting and profiling are sure fire ways to get closer to your customer.

We must schedule a meeting to discuss the technological implications of compliance and governance and ensure that we have the right people ready for blue sky thinking.

Jargon all of it.

What has happened to familiar words in sentences that actually make sense?

Suffice to say I have banned all such business profanities from the office and home.

Let’s speak like normal human beings please for the sake for my sanity.

In the meantime, I’ll reach out and maybe touch base online with you again soon!

First published on Linkedin May 2017


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