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Exhausted, zoned out. Where did september go?

Stuck in a time warp
Trapped in some kind of time warp. Boom where did September go?

Ever get the feeling you’ve been trapped in some other time zone?

You know what I mean the one where you think whoa I feel I’ve done this or been here before?

That is a exactly what September was like for me.

Stuck in what seemed to be a kind of time warp? Going through the motions but not really ‘there’.

Bizarrely, I can recollect the 4th September, the start of a new school year, taking my boys into school on their first day back and then BOOM I woke up and it was October.

What happened? Where did the month go?

Can I have it again please? Errr, no sorry it’s gone, what da ya mean it’s gone? It’s over, September 2013 is officially complete, finished, done!

Phew. I’m exhausted already and with a only a few days left to go to another half-term I’m pondering where the last seven weeks have gone.

I know I’m not alone when I express my thoughts on this subject but somehow both mind and world have been very fuzzy.

Feeling exhausted, I’ve been checked for a hyperactive thyroid, diabetes and cholesterol under the guise of the ‘you’re almost 50’ time for the mid-life medical check up endorsed by the incumbent government.

This was me this morning, well almost!
This was me this morning, well almost!

I never have a need to visit the doctor with a complaint or ailment which makes me high risk for not being checked for potential stroke, high blood pressure and whatever else the medics can conjure up.

I’m good to go and very fit for my age. Oh how I love that expression.

From your teenage years right through to old age any trip to the doctor invariably ends up with the G.P. commenting, ‘well it is your age’.

What I am really suffering (if that is the right word) with is multi-tasking deficiency.

Life is a sprint
Life is a sprint

It’s the back to school routine you know the one, it dominates our lives male or female, mother or father, single parent or married parent and then we are suppose to fit work into the school routine.

Shouldn’t it be the other way round?

Schools clearly think we have nothing better to do when they decide the same day to schedule an event or to change an activity last thing. Obviously we don’t have a life we are suppose to live it around the school.

I recently came upon the idea of trading in my beloved six year old VW transporter for a fully fledged all singing and dancing caravan.

Easy, park it outside the school gates boys can fall out of it in the morning go straight to lessons and after school come back to the caravan do homework, eat, shower go to bed.

Still, don’t suppose the traffic warden would appreciate the blot on the landscape nor the local residents come to think of it.

Could work though.

Then there’d be none of the rushing around, car bashing, tooth slaying and punches that precede the entry into the school car park where grown women literally fight to get ahead on that ever shrinking five foot of tarmac they call the school entrance.

What is it with these non working women anyway do they really think pushing in gets them through the school gates and back home any quicker?

Up until about five years ago I had it all figured out I was pretty damn good at juggling any number of things, look at the logo at the top of the page of this website that says it all about me and probably half the working parents in the UK.

Multi juggler extraordinaire that was me.

Now I have to write e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g down. 

I love my gizmos and apps but I have my filofax on hand to write things down so I dont forget.

In fact I’ve been known to write things I need to get from upstairs before I actually make the trip. Because you can bet your bottom dollar by the time I get upstairs you guessed it, I’ve forgotten what it was I went up there for in the first place. 

I certainly can’t manage more than two tasks, let alone spin too many plates in the air all at once.

What has happened why has it all gone to hell?

Too bogged down in life, work, school routine. I’ve fallen off the time management wagon.

Fallen off the time management wagon never mind the booze!
Fallen off the time management wagon never mind the booze!

So much for me spouting off in this blog here about the wonders of time management and me daring to tell you what I do when I can’t even manage it myself.

I am full of c**p sometimes but I mean well.

What have I done to get control back in to my life again?

Still working on it but I’ve gone back to using my diary and time manager p-r-o-p-e-r-l-y and stick to what I need to get done by when and so far it seems to be working.

I’m definitely calmer and more organised.

Somehow I was seduced by the long hot summer and the how it would feel if I never had to work again dream...

Yes you are of course right DREAM ON…

How was your start to the new school year?

Tell me what you’ve been doing to stay on the straight and narrow?

Share your ideas on what does or doesn’t work for you.

Until next time.

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