The little things that make me happy

What little things make you happy?

What stops you in your tracks and makes you smile?

What memories make you feel warm and fuzzy inside?

Are there smells that evoke a long lost love or an extraordinary moment in time?

The little things that make me happy

As I sit and write this, it is a Monday morning and the start of a new week.

Working from home means I have more flexibility in my routine, taking regular breaks away from the computer.

I love to walk into my boys’ bedroom to feel their presence and warmth, making me feel warm inside.

And this morning was no exception; filled with love and warmth, I texted how much I love them.

I know it’s a bit sentimental, but when those moments wash over you, they are all-consuming.

It is the most overwhelming, indescribable feeling of those little moments of wonderment.

The little things that make me happy

Life is full of wonder.

And happiness comes from the smallest things, such as the smile of a newborn baby, the comforting smell of a room, the sound of children playing, a mug of hot chocolate, and the patter of rain outside.

These are such simple pleasures that make us happy.

I love to listen to children playing in the school playground or the sound of the wind as the trees rustle.

What about finding money in your coat pocket, the one you haven’t worn in some time or music that calms you instinctively, making you want to be slow and in the moment.

The little things that make me happy

If we intentionally discover and look for the little things that might appear dull and mundane, these things create happiness and warmth within us.

It makes us feel good to appreciate the little things.

Texting your partner, you love them, a phone call to someone you haven’t spoken with in a while, a walk in the park all are simple little things that serve to make us feel good and feel better about the world.

In turn, doing little things for others makes us feel better.

A smile to a stranger, a helpful hand to someone who needs it helps us reconnect with what’s essential in life.

We forget these little things when work and the daily commute consume our wellbeing, and we are tired and anxious.

The little things that amke me happy

These little things are there for us to note and enjoy, and we must open our eyes and look for them and be there in the moment to experience that little thing.

Something has shifted this year.

One of my new year wishes, goals or whatever buzzword you choose is to be purposeful in life to slow down and rediscover what’s important.

In my blog post “Starting new “, I say that it doesn’t have to be a new month or new year to start a new habit, wish, or enjoy the little things.

There are always endless moments and little things that can make the next five minutes more valuable.

With the world in a precarious position, perhaps now more than ever, it is time to enjoy those little things, no matter how trivial and mundane they might be.

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