What does nostalgia mean to you?

Nostalgia now there’s a word to conjure with.

A combination of feeling homesick and a desire to be back home with family.Death_to_stock_above_10

Nostalgia the bittersweet memories of long lost loves and long gone happy memories, reminding you of a time or period in life when things seemed simpler, easier – school days, holidays, playing, before real life got in the way.

I visited a long term supplier of the company last week and decided to take the opportunity to stay overnight, free from kids and husband.

I couldn’t have asked for a better journey down to Bath and when I reached my destination I was warmly welcomed by my wonderful colleagues and friends.

People who helped shaped the business to what it has become today.

After the initial catch up and tour of the facilities, so I could be reminded of new technology and equipment we spent a rather leisurely afternoon over lunch talking about the good old days.


We talked about when I was pregnant with not my first but also my second boy and we laughed and shared jokes about being working mums and dads, some of whom are now grand-parents.

There was something wistful about that day, a time to reflect on just how good things were with all of us and that we were at one with the world.

Since then there have been divorces, separations, children off to university and laughter at the fact that we ‘just ain’t getting any younger’.

My dear friend used the word nostalgia to describe what we inevitably talked about a sentimental reflection of the past and better days.

childhood: stack of old photosI spent the evening recalling fond memories of childhood, work, setting up the business, my babies and so forth.

But it’s more than just remembering a better time or moment it is a feeling, a place where you completely lose yourself, it might only be for a fleeting moment but it is enough to provide comfort, happiness yet tinged with a bittersweet sense of sadness for something that is lost and can’t be replayed again.

When I’m faced with nostalgic memories I feel a sense of sadness and want that time back again?

I want the joy and pleasure of sitting down with my children every Sunday at lunch or when we chill out to watch a movie and I want to make it last forever, living in the present moment, but I know it can’t last forever.

Nothing stays the same and we move on.

And whilst I was driving down to Bath I was reminiscing on the past, I’m not sure what prompted me to do so, maybe the music I was playing or just the journey, which I hadn’t done in over five years made me think back to the past.

There’s no doubt that reminiscing makes us feel more connected to the past, often prompted by a familiar smell, song, or photo.

We relate our past experiences to our present lives and whilst there maybe sadness there is also a feeling of emotional well being and happiness.  Nostalgia helps us to make greater meaning of our lives as it is now.

From experience those 24 hours on my own made me feel happy, relaxed and I felt closer to loved ones even though my present circumstances are the very opposite.

But it made me reflect on a time in life when it definitely was easy Memories-Drawer-000038010040_Smalland simple and that made me warm and fuzzy inside which in turn made me feel optimistic for the future. 

There is no harm looking back on happy memories and reminding ourselves that, that is what life really should be about.

What are you nostalgic about?

Do you feel sad when you think about past joys?

How do your memories make you feel?


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