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Don’t call me old. Why I’m pro-aging

Lunching with a friend recently and the anti-aging conversation popped up, why does being in your 50s seem like a forbidden age?Pro-aging

In unison we both piped up ‘I’m really anti- aging, I really hate being labelled middle-aged’.

I hate the fact that well known beauty products and brands appear to make ageing distasteful and that women over a certain age are not fit to be seen in public.

I use my beauty products and I do my best to make the most of myself but I really resent being subliminally reminded that I am aging, getting older by the multitude of anti-aging products available on the market.

Type into google ‘anti-aging’ and a plethora of articles appear from anti-aging pills to how to combat anti-aging in your twenties, in your twenties.

Why would you be worried about aging in your twenties?

The beauty industry is at the forefront of anti-aging but why can’t we change that oh so negative perception of aging to pro-aging.

Imagine going into your well known high street retailer and asking for skin care products that are pro-aging, in other words designed to slow down the process but embrace the fact that aging is positive.

Marketeers would have a field day with that.

Pro-agingI want a cream that supports pro-aging, will reduce and diminish my wrinkles but respectfully recognises that whilst I am getting older and I may be able to slow down the visible signs of aging I will not be able to stop age marching across my face.

The trend in skincare today is for anti-aging solutions and that is because you and me have an overwhelming desire to look younger for longer.

We are getting older and both men and women are under pressure to maintain a youthful appearance.

Anti-aging skincare is big business, according to James Perdue, Transparency Market Research PTY of the is poised to be worth an estimated $191.7 bn by 2019.

Those born between 1946 and 1964 and in the aging category are inclined to use anti-aging products.

A report, ‘Older women – the forgotten demographic’ discovered that most marketing and advertising by skincare brands focusses on women under 30.

The UK population statistics estimate that by 2020 women aged 45-59 will increase by 8.9{1d74e91790c4d065853aa1e61f19fbe549b48cdbdef5356588c1984bdc5a1a2f}, 60-74s by 12.6{1d74e91790c4d065853aa1e61f19fbe549b48cdbdef5356588c1984bdc5a1a2f} and the over 75s by 17.9{1d74e91790c4d065853aa1e61f19fbe549b48cdbdef5356588c1984bdc5a1a2f}.

Which means skincare brands are getting it wrong and should focus on pro-aging rather than anti-aging.

I want to feel and look good for my age and if anyone says I look younger than my years then you’ve just made my day but I don’t want to feel bashful and embarrassed because I’m in my earlier 50s.

What have I got to feel ashamed of?

Sharon Stone, Julianne Moore, Michelle Pfeiffer, Kristin Scott-Thomas are in their 50s.

They may have more money than the average woman to spend on products, treatments and enhancements but they seem to have embraced their 50-hood with aplomb and vigour.

It is a sad fact that as women we face the brunt of aging harder than men.

Whilst I can look at my husband and marvel how well he is aging and how good looking he is, I compare myself to how I looked ten years ago and the change to put it frankly is scary. As per usual practice, online pharmacies offer both branded and generic products. You can order the different types of Viagra, Cialis, Kamagra or others without consulting your doctor. An order is placed within minutes, normally. The delivery is fast and usually takes no more than 3-7 business days. To my knowledge as their partner, guarantees a safe and discreet delivery to anywhere in USA and Europe. Valid on this site are different means of payment, so that you can choose the one that suits you. In all cases, your online purchases are saved by an encrypted SSL certificate chain.

Aging seems more evident in women than it does in men.

It’s not that I’m against aging we can’t stop the process, we can Pro-agingpotentially alter it or slow it down maybe even consider cryogenics but I dislike the ‘anti-aging establishment’ those brands, companies, foods that purport that their product will stop you getting old.

No one has to age gracefully, I intend to grow old disgracefully and fight it as much as I dare and I’m in favour of choosing how you embrace aging.

I’m all for anything that increases health and vitality and makes life better.

I’m not against the process of growing old, I just hate the word ‘anti-aging’ it implies that the choice has been made for us and makes aging seem like a greek tragedy when in fact both men and women should be proud to share their age and how great we really feel.

We have the experience, calmness and fortitude to face life full on and just because I’m 50+ doesn’t mean I’m dead yet!

In the words of actress Julianne Moore “If you’re 50, you’re never going to be 50 ever again, so enjoy being 50!”


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