Why I'm going back to basics?

Ageing Interrupted

I spent a day with my ageing parents last week how wonderful it was too.

Watching them is to appreciate and understand the nuances of growing old.

I miss seeing them regularly.

Ageing Interrupted

The distance of 100 miles or so doesn’t sound like much, but when you have a busy life, two businesses to manage and children to oversee, and parents who have a better social life than me, finding time in the diary isn’t; always easy.

Growing old is expected but certainly not welcomed.

Women face an aggressive beauty industry that worships youthfulness; imperfections and wrinkles are hidden and not revered, for they suggest a life well-lived.

The health industry is not far behind with constant reminders to exercise and eat sensibly.

The prospect of old age rears its ugly head, I realise that I’m not ready to transition into old age just yet.

While my children remind me that maybe I ‘”don’t get it”, I strongly disagree.

I get them; I understand them and their angsts.

I don’t get their lack of resilience and their inability to use common sense and foresight.

Ageing Interrupted

But can they be blamed for an education system and a political society that dictates how we think and feel?

It’s ironic as I remember the similarities with my parents when I was a teen.

With age comes a sense of acknowledgement and acceptance not just in oneself but in others.

Ask me if I would go back to my thirties?

The pressure of work, relationships, getting married and divorced, no thanks. I enjoy the freedom that age gives me.

“One of the many things nobody ever tells you about old age is that it’s such a nice change from being young”. – William Feather.

The insecurities and worry being left on the shelf and the constant innuendoes at Christmas parties.

Have you got a boyfriend, have you met anyone with whom you want to start a family, when are you getting married? Why don’t you have a boyfriend?

No thanks. I’ll park that if you don’t mind.

I am finding that ageing makes me less frantic and more accepting of my imperfections and flaws, and I am more relaxed about it.

My once washboard stomach looks more like a gently undulating walk, but it’s not a complete disaster.

I appreciate my parent’s wisdom and advice more than ever, and I enjoy being with them, which comes with age and distance.

Ageing Interrupted

I don’t care what others think about me. I am my own woman, and I don’t need acceptance or acknowledgement from social media to make me feel good or bad about myself.

I understand better my priorities and will put family ahead of work any day.

I disagree and articulate my opinion and don’t care if anyone disagrees or tuts at my point of view, confident that they probably think I’m already senile.

I view life with a greater perspective and can often break down situations and people to better understand.

I don’t worry about what I wear; while I love fashion, I have a good sense of style and dress in what suits me, and I feel comfortable.

I am hardened to the absurdities and irony of life and what goes around is very definitely coming around again.

While most human beings scare the heck out of me, I have low expectations, and I am rarely disappointed.

I continue to be my own worst enemy, but while I accept my limitations, I know menopause affects the way I feel a lot of the time.

I’ve accepted that I can’t change many things or exert my influence; however, I concentrate on doing what I am good at as best as possible.

As I journey beyond middle age, I know that I am a work in progress.

Accepting myself and understanding that maybe I will never be at peace, nor entirely comfortable with my place in life, constantly striving and looking for that ‘thing’ that will change my life.

I am gaining inner strength and fortitude, embracing new opportunities when I can and as I grow more self-aware, I feel a sense of liberation.

I am old enough to cast aside doubts, dare to dream and live my age to the full.

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