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I’ve gone Dotty? Networking, connecting, sharing

The ‘transformational journey of motherhood’, ‘tech and togetherness’, ‘fashion piazza’ just some of the recent event themes of Hub dot, a revolutionary new way of networking and connecting for women. Networking

I’m no stranger to networking.

It is a major part of our business marketing strategy but, I have to admit when I stumbled across Red Magazine’s article on Hub Dot and founder Simona Barbieri I was curious.

Why hadn’t I heard of it before? It’s not like I’ve been living under a stone for the last three years the time it has taken for Hub dot to make its mark on the networking landscape.

A room full of women is enough to make me run like Wile E. Coyote the looney tunes character out the door and down the nearest hole.

Fear, anxiety and a rather large glass of red spring to mind.

I’d rather have a tooth extraction than be in a room full of ‘hit the ceiling, lean in women!’

Girlfriends Friendship Party Happiness Summer Concept

But my fears were unfounded.

What Hub dot has created is a new and exciting way of networking; to call it networking is well, a bit of an insult.

It is nothing like the stand up in a room scenario where you have 60 seconds to pitch ‘you’ then, give your name, rank and serial number.

Hub dot have dispensed with the need for job titles, what you do, how long you’ve been doing it for, what your USP is (unique selling point), and the what’s in it for me scenario I’m so very familiar with?

Is it just networking in disguise?

It is so much more than that.

Hob dot is about connecting in a unique and positive way.

Women love to talk and Simona came up with the idea of women sharing stories, what they’ve achieved, what obstacles they’ve overcome, why they do what they do and what inspired them.

And some of the stories have been truly remarkable, emotional, a straight from the heart story of a young woman finding out she had been adopted to establishing a charity, setting up an online jewellery business, developing a unique app for a smartphone and the stories keep coming.

group of smiling girls chilling on the beachWomen from every cross section of working life you can think of – stay at home mothers to women who are boldly striking out on their own with a new idea they want to take further, midwives, nurses, PR, coaches and mentors, sales, print, banking you name, every conceivable job title you can think of found in one room.

Many shared and familiar experiences, women who, like me, had something important to say, who wanted to share their experiences, some were at the crossroads of their life wanting needing inspiration, seeking direction and someone prepared to listen without passing judgement.

Hub dot is dotty! Five dots that represent what you are or where you want to go:

Red – I’m established in my career/business/motherhood

Yellow – I have an idea can anyone help

Green – I’m here to be inspired

Blue –  I’m here to socialise and shop

Purple – I want to tell you about my story, my work, my charity

There were women as young as twenty, middle aged women, women who had, to put it frankly seen it done it and worn the t-shirt, women who enthralled me after just five minutes of talking to them.

One young lady had travelled from Riga in Latvia, there were Friends Friendship Relationship Buddy Conceptstudents from Italy, Spain, Germany, Sweden, one woman had travelled from St Petersburg, Russia such is Hub dot’s reach and influence.

17,000 members to be precise but with no membership or monthly fee, you simply select the event you want to attend and pay for it, a bit like PAYG and I’m loving it even more.

So far I’ve been a green and red dot.

Surprisingly, I found the whole idea of being in a room full of women liberating there was no pretence, no haughtiness, no showmanship, a bunch of women coming out having fun, talking and sharing their ideas, thoughts, worries and inspiration.

By the end of each evening new friendships had been forged and ideas developed.

Hub dot has events spread across Europe and the USA and it’s growing.

After three events I consider myself to be a hub dotter, do I need an excuse to board a flight and head off to a hub dot event in Milan??

Ciao! A presto.

“These are the ingredients to every Hub Dot event, anywhere in the world. They create a collective energy, a spirit of togetherness and a contagious sense that one can shape one’s own life and that reinvention is always possible. Our themes are only an excuse to bring us together.” (Hub dot)

Amen to that!

For more information about Hub dot click here and check it out.

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