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Overcoming challenges

Throughout life, we are constantly facing hurdles and a myriad of challenges that we have to overcome.copywriting services

These worries make us fret and stress leaving us feeling like there is nowhere to go.

Sometimes we don’t even know what to do and, worst of all how we go about resolving the problem.

December and January were just like that for me, all work-related situations that I neither had power or control over and when I came through the other side I looked back and thought why did I allow myself to worry.

Surely an experienced middle-aged woman should be able to manage any problem?

Why, did I allow these problems to swallow me up and spit me out whole?

Making me feel disillusioned, dejected, angry and frustrated that I had been put into a situation that wasn’t of my own making.

When you are in the middle of a crisis feeling fearful and scared, it isn’t easy to look above the parapet and find a solution even with years of experience and living.

When we are facing what seems like a huge problem to solve, it feels like it is impossible to overcome and believe we can sort it and come out the other side.

There are no situations, challenges or choices we make that are so bad that we cannot overcome them.

The journey through life is fraught with obstacles some of our own making and we think there is no answer and yet when we least expect it, up pops an opportunity.

Through the course of my working life when I am faced with a problem a solution or option has always presented itself and everything is right in the world again.

With age and experience and telling myself what’s the worst that can happen, coincidentally it doesn’t, I still worry.

Any problem we face is a challenge but not impossible to sort out it takes calmness and resilience.

There will always be uncertainty in our lives, challenges, problems, big issues to face but how we manage them through perseverance and being open-minded determines the outcome.

Our life’s journey is a by-product of our own creation, what we want to get out of life is determined by what we put into it.

When obstacles in life seem insurmountable, more often than not, it is us that holds ourselves back not the obstacle itself.

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