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Why words mean everything

At a recent networking event, I circulated the room and was stopped by a gentleman who introduced himself.

I asked why he was here and what he did for a living.

The topic of running a business and managing a whole host of other challenges came up whilst we chatted.

When he asked what I did I said: “I’m a copywriter, it’s my job to make content on your website or written copy speak to your audience in a meaningful way”.

Words are everything I went on to explain, they convey energy, meaning and value.

For example, the tone we use in an email can determine the outcome of the relationship with the recipient.

We know that a hastily written ‘shoot from the hip’ email can cause more problems than the original reason the email was intended to resolve.

An unplanned and carelessly written blog post can alienate potential customers from ever buying from you.

If we are not aware of how and what we write then our audience quickly becomes confused and the content becomes too noisy in an already crowded internet.

Business owners and managers recognise that producing content consistently for websites, social media accounts and print are a necessity in this modern business age.

Conversely, most audiences are likely to read and check your reviews before they even think about entering your website and finding out what you do.

The main stumbling block is time, no one has any time to write, record a podcast or shoot a short video.

Writing without thinking about the words and the meaning they convey is the same as blurting out the first thing that comes to mind when you’re not thinking and then, immediately regretting it because you didn’t think about what you were going to say.

It is the same with writing, the use of words and the imagery they convey are crucial to the development of a story you begin to share with your potential customer.

The power of words whether in the spoken or written form should never be underestimated.

The great speeches in history and literary works of art all convey powerful words with meaning.

When we appreciate the importance of the words we use when writing that email, blog post or article, the right words can be insightful often creating a lasting impact on the audience.

Words create a path that encourages the audience to do one of two things, continue reading or leave your website.

What we want is a customer to read powerful blogs, case studies and testimonials so they buy.

It takes time, talent and expertise to write good marketing and sales content and investing in good copywriting will almost certainly deliver on your investment.

Going back to the gentleman at the beginning of this post when he asked me “why should I hire a copywriter?”

I said that “when you know that writing is not your strong point, paying for a professional to write top quality copy frees you up to do the things you are actually good at, which saves you time and helps bring more money into your business”.

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