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How to wow your audience with the ‘write content’

Easier said than done I know because what do we all want?web content writer

We want people to buy our products and services and to do that we need to make it as simple as possible so that when your perfect customer visits your website he/she understands the content.

The one thing I’ve learned as a writer, blogger, and professional copywriter is that writing website content or any content for that matter begins with the audience in mind.

Be considerate when it comes to showing and telling your services.

Whilst you might feel passionate about your company, think about what your customer is looking for.

They are unlikely to be interested in how wonderful you are, your glowing testimonials and what your products can do for them.

They are interested in what is in it for them, and how your product or service will help with their ‘internal pain’.

Never write for yourself says Stephen King in the book “ Stephen King on writing, a memoir of the craft”.

“When you write a story, you’re telling yourself the story, when you rewrite, your main job is taking out all the things that are not the story.”

You need to tell your audience the story they are looking to read, perhaps they don’t even know what that is yet but it should not be the one you think they should read.

It’s not about you or your business, SEO copywriting servicesit is all about them. and them only.

Your story tells your customer how your product or service is going to help them.

It should be written as humanly as possible and without any jargon.

Technical jargon needs to be kept to a minimum because although your product or service may be a niche it could be read by someone who is doing the research on behalf of someone else.

Simply put, if they don’t understand then there is a high chance you’ll lose them.

It doesn’t matter if you are an SME, large organisation or working freelance, being able to write great sales content is paramount.

Generating content takes time, energy and planning made more complicated if your business sells a number of products and services with different audiences.

As a business owner it is hard enough planning a marketing strategy but to execute it and put into practice requires commitment.

A large company has the resources but an SME unlikely and may even have to manage this side of the business themselves.

In a nutshell, wowing your audience with your content must include the following:

  • Start with the customer in mind. How will your product or service save the customer from making a mistake if they don’t buy from you?
  • Create a scenario whereby your audience imagines what their product and service can do for them.
  • Find out their pain points? What is the aspiration of the buyer? Think of yourself as the buyer what would you be looking for if you were browsing your website?
  • Keep the tone of your content conversational, informative with no over the top word imagery like fabulous, wonderful, the best ever. Keep it non-confrontational with no fancy gimmicks that include things like hyperlinks that basically bribe the customer to do something.
  • If you describe a feature of your service make sure you sum it up with a benefit. An example of this is:

We have a desktop mailing service, you can upload your letters from your desk and they are mailed out the same day which means that there are no internal employees involved in printing and stuffing envelopes saving you time and money.

  • Write as humanly as possible no overloaded technical jargon or long words, write the content in plain English so people understand what it is your website and business are about.

Finally, if the above sounds too much like hard work and commitment consider using a specialist freelance SEO copywriting service,  someone who understands the nuances of selling and running a business.

You can find out more here.

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