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Why good content is so important for your website

Writing, designing and developing good website content requires thought and planning. website content

Deciding on the structure and navigation so there is a logical flow and the look and feel of the website is crucial in helping your visitors find what they are looking for so that the goals you’ve set for your website, drive the actions you want your visitor to take.

The design, layout and flow is one part of the whole the other are the physical words, the actual website content. Generating the content, ideas and the narrative that will engage your visitors enough to want to take some kind of action on your site is no mean feat.

You might be thinking what has this got to do with a content writer?

Simple, copywriters or content writers know how hard it is to write website content essentially it is the cornerstone of what we do.

Being able to understand the ethos of the company we are helping and translating ideas and words this into keywords and website optimisation is critical to making your content more likely to be read.

Writing website content is the really hard bit.

You need to find the time to plan and decide what needs to be included.

The written word and grammar need to be impeccable and after all that, you have to put yourself in the shoes of your potential buyer and ask:

  • What it is it they are looking for
  • What do they need to know about you
  • What actions do you want your visitors to take
  • Why does your website/company exist, in other words, what benefits will your visitors get
  • What can you offer that sets you apart from your competition

The problem with this scenario is writing website content can end up being all about you and not about your customer, which is where a freelance copywriter can help.

We have the objectivity and the skill set to write only for the end user. We don’t get caught up in how wonderful you think you are and why the world can’t manage without you.

website contentTo get you started on the road to developing your website content what pages do you think are the most important for your website?

Answer: The Home Page and About You page.

Because they are the cornerstone pages of any website; the first page(s) your visitor will land on when they are looking for your product or service.

The Home Page

The entry point and the first impression a visitor sees when they land on this page.

The page should be relevant to the search query.

Tell them what you do and who you do it for.

Important information needs to be added here and it needs to be visible, there should be a menu and subsections of the products and services you offer so they are able to hover over each main heading and search for what they want.

A good call to action should be visible – request a quote, I need more information, please call me and there should be your social media icons clearly visible to help drive engagement.

The home page is the start of the sales process.

Your prospect is researching and may have a list of criteria that your homepage needs to meet before they even consider contacting you, so the more information that is visible and the easier it is for the visitor to make a decision and shortlist you as a potential supplier the better.

More importantly, be clear what you want your visitors to do make your content in the form of a question, for example, ‘we are a leading southern commercial boiler maintenance company and you can find specific information related to your particular boiler under the subsections above.’ Provide links so they can follow it to the relevant pages, make it easy so they can find the information which takes them one step further forward into getting in contact with you.

About page

When you construct the content for this page you need to keep in mind what it is your audience is looking for and why?

What action do you then want them to take? Put yourself in the shoes of your visitors what might they want to find here, is it easy to read. Write down all the questions you think your visitors might ask if they were sitting in front of you but do this with them in mind and not what you think they want.

The about page is a really useful page to highlight the products and services without being overly salesy. It is not a page to write about your family, the financial status of the company, the structure and how long you’ve been doing it for.

Be clear about the action you want your visitors to take, pick up the phone, ask for a quote, request for more information or it might simply be read our blog, sign up to our newsletter but the information on this page has to be compelling enough to read and for visitors to take action.

One final thought your blog page is an important page for any visitor intrigued to want to know more and a great way to do some subtle showing off using case studies to tell a story, by answering questions your current customers had before they hired you.

A great way to showcase your products and services and demonstrate how they’ve helped your happy customers.

But if all the above seems too much then get in contact with me and I’ll give you a free overview of your website.

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