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What is copywriting?

What does a copywriter do?

Copywriting is the magic of creating words for advertisements, billboards, promotional material, brochures, websites, print collateral, the list is endless.

Copywriters are salesmen they have to be able to write words that sell and entice a customer to make a purchase or at least start them on the buying journey.

‘Copy is a direct conversation with the consumer’ ~ Shirley Polykoff.

It aims to persuade by inducing the customer to do something.

It isn’t all about writing.

The copywriting edit has changed over the last ten years shifting from print to online content and web.

The sales and marketing needs of organisations have changed requiring a laser-sharp focus on generating content strategy.

Why is content so important and why hire a copywriter?

Content is the fuel that starts the process of social media interaction.

Without content or any content, there is no interaction, no engagement, the wheels of the internet would effectively grind to a halt because there would be nothing to view or say.

Copywriters provide the energy that keeps the internet engine running.

Why because:

  • They are creatives
  • They generate original content
  • They are analytical
  • They adapt to the needs of the customer

Well written target centred content is the start of the sales process because if it is good it attracts an audience. It will engage the reader especially if they are learning something about a product or service or they want a question answered.

Businesses need content to connect with their audience who in turn will buy their products and services.

The use of words whether in print or online can have an impact on the reputation and brand of a company.

Anyone can write, we do it every day in the form of emails, business letters, reports and presentations but the art of actually writing something that sells you, your product and company or both takes skill and understanding of your sector.

All of this takes time, planning and thought.

The UK’s private sector boasts 5.7 million SME’s, with small businesses accounting for more than 99.3% of all private sector businesses.

That’s an awful lot of competition so, in order to stay ahead of the game, companies need to be able to differentiate themselves in a very crowded workplace.

With limited budgets, SME’s tend not to have fully fledged marketing teams and without getting your ‘brand’ out there you could be missing some great opportunities for potential business.

Copywriting is an important element of a very complex marketing mix but is essential if you want to make your business stand out.

A copywriter will understand your biggest challenges, what your strengths are, who your competition is and write content for your website that acts as a trigger for your customer to take action.

How do they do this?

  • By writing in a language your customer will understand
  • They will find the ‘tone and personality’ that suits your business so they know what types of businesses and people you are trying to attract
  • They will seek to understand what makes you special and unique to make you stand out from the crowd
  • Copywriters save you time – your business is your business and not writing. Let an experienced copywriter do the written work for you
  • They understand the digital landscape and SEO and can ensure that your content ranks highly on google by using the trigger words.

If you are convinced that a copywriter is what you need, then head on over and drop me your details and I’ll do my best to help you.

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  1. Kathy 12 months ago

    Great post! Another couple of reasons businesses hire freelance copywriters: the biz may not want to hire a full time staffer. And freelancers are accessible. If you specialize in the employer’s niche, even better!

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