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Isn’t it time that print is part of your content marketing strategy?

When was the last time you thought about sending out a sales flyer to all your customers?

Did you know that direct mail converts better than online ads? content marketing strategy

Research has shown that print ads are more effective than online ads.

A printed leaflet evokes customer loyalty and trust but it is the personal touch that provides more than a click through to the customer.

My background is in print and it is easy for me to extol the benefits of both print and digital to my customers.

In my last blog post, I looked at the importance of content marketing for SMBs and how it can add real value to your business by attracting visitors to your website.

With so much pressure on time and resources, print offers a far greater tangibility.

Whilst it may not have the same reach as a website or social media if executed properly print can generate a really good return and is infinitely more scalable and measurable.

content marketing strategy with printDon’t get me wrong, a business must have a website presence but marketing your services in print can offer a different perspective than simply just marketing online.

Print helps you to be audience-specific, by mailing 500 customers a sales flyer that is tailored to their needs rather than an online sales blast via social media.

Compare that to online where your goal might be to get a few hundred responses but more often than not, 1 or 2 ‘likes’ if you’re lucky.

Not all of us are fortunate enough to have a large marketing budget and yet print offers a greater reach if it is specific to the needs of its intended audience.

How do you make print fit in with your content marketing strategy?

  1. You need an experienced copywriter to create and write a strong and effective message aimed at your target audience
  2. A  design layout that makes the recipient who wants to read more
  3. Write an attention-grabbing headline, personalise it and make sure it is relevant
  4. Which then takes them to the body of the text this must be tantalising and engaging. What is in it for them? What are they getting?
  5. And finally, your Call to Action or CTA a ‘call now’ or ‘free no obligation XXX’ won’t cut it. Your audience wants a compelling offer. If you want them to take action or do something you have to offer them something of real value in return. Something they can’t live without. They may not know this yet but this is part of the content writing process. Make them believe they need it NOW.

If all of this is a bit too much then contact me and I can help you craft the best content guaranteed to make a return on your investment.






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