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10 important factors you need to create great website content

Wouldn’t it be great if you could buy an ounce of magic fairy dust blow it across your website content and sit back knowing that within the hour your phones would be ringing off the hook and your website contact forms would be whizzing into your inbox for wannabe customers desperately queuing up for your services?

Okay okay, it’s nice to live in that wonderland for just a sweet moment. website content

In reality, you and I know it is so much harder to write/generate or curate web content that is luscious for your audience.

It’s hard work, time-consuming and frankly makes your head go very fuzzy, you know that feeling where you kind of know what you need to do but don’t really know where to start or how to do it.

Too illustrate.

I met with an absolutely super prospective client whom I met through networking.

She is looking for good web content and a blog writer with knowledge of SEO to add valuable content to her site.

She has a wealth of knowledge and experience and I was chomping at the bit to get going because her subject matter is so interesting.

She knows where she wants to take the business and what she needs to do but in her words “I can’t write it, I can stand up in front of a big audience, I can do YouTube (good) but I can’t write the words they just won’t come. It doesn’t feel natural to me”.

Writing is associated with the long drawn out English essays we had to write during school days.

Then along came the internet and changed everything.

Many are competent to write and create website content, post a video or social media message but it takes someone with copywriting skills to actually take the information using their knowledge and craft something that is worthy of customers’ attention.

That is the difference between average and excellent.

It is the thought process and the creativity in between that goes into making the content different enough that it stands out.

Capturing readers’ attention in this fast-paced digital world is a challenge approximately 15 seconds is usually the time it takes for your visitor to make a decision to read on or, leave.

Which is why your content needs to be compelling enough to make’em stick like glue.

Your web copy needs to tell a story about you and your company.

Back to my client…

As we talked I asked her questions to help her think about where she needs to be pitching her story.

I’m not sure who my audience is?

It’s not the WHERE it’s the WHO.

What do they like, what are their job titles, are they likely to be on social media, if so what platform?

How are they going to find your website? Through social media channels, word of mouth?

After a lot of questioning it transpired her customers are also mine too.

You want your visitors to find your content through different routes including socials, links, email sharing and search engine results.

Therefore your website content needs to reflect the search terms that your audience are likely to be looking for.

website contentHow do I show them what I can do and that I am really good?

A lot of showing and some telling is necessary the more technical the products and services the more you need to go deeper into explaining how or what your service or product does.

Showcasing your skills with a case study is a great way to show off your authority on the subject.

My business uses industry jargon will that put people off?

If it does not make sense they won’t get it but if you use the right amount of keywords and jargon then the right audience will understand.

It is about getting the mix right with you showcasing your expertise using industry-relevant jargon but writing in a way that an educated customer understands the gist of what you are talking about.

Your website is attracting not only the buyers whom you are targeting but also non-expert customers who only have limited knowledge and might be in a related industry.

How do I keep it all consistent?

My customer has 3 other areas of specialism and wants to promote those differently.

I suggested she re-brands under her company name using the same branding but with different product/service names.

An example of this could be:
One Woman’s View – Website content writing for SMBs
One Woman’s View – Content writing for HR & Recruitment companies
One Woman’s View – Website copywriting for Universities

This helps her focus on her audience and on what content is needed for each area of the business.

It also helps with branding by making it clear that each area of the business is niche-specific so that the right audience targets the right page(s).

I’ve got so many ideas, how do I manage them all and where do I start?

I use a dictaphone but your phone also has a voice memo so any ideas that come to you can be added as voice recordings that way you don’t forget anything. There’s also Evernote and Google Keep to make quick content

How about telling a story about how and why you do what you do use the ‘show and a bit of tell’ method with examples.

As a web content writer, I aim to tell a story, I want to make sure that behind each post there is a story, a ‘show and tell.’

Be consistent

Being consistent means using the same tone and words throughout your copy.

For example, if you are a financial planner don’t use different variations like a financial analyst or financial planning expert or financial advisor decide on who and what you are and stick to it.

Say what you want to say in the first 2 paragraphs

Our attention span is limited to 15 seconds so your reader needs to be able to scan the content and get to the relevant bit otherwise bye bye bye and they are off to another website

Use media

Using photos or video breaks up the website content making it easier to read and less stress on the eyes than a large block of text.


Including links to other parts of your website that is relateable is good for SEO and shows the reader that you are thinking about them; if you like this how about this?


I’m the worst at leaving a call to action.


I’m insecure and wonder why anyone might want to follow or share or comment on what I have to say.

The point is if you don’t tell your reader what action to take they are left pondering.

So give them a prompt like subscribe to a newsletter, fill in the contact form for a callback/request more information, download, share, want to find out more, watch this.

Positive actions to take after they’ve read your website content.

Any writing takes hard work, application and deliberation.

I am still working on a draft of my first novel!

Writing website content and blogging is even harder requiring commitment and consistency but if all this is too much then do contact me using the form below.

There you go there’s my CTA.

All the best

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