Changing times lie ahead

Difficult and challenging times require a shift in perspective and attitude.

changing times lie ahead

The last three months have changed, and it is hard work trying to keep positive when all around seems like it is falling apart.

The very fabric of life is shifting from a consumer-driven, time-deprived, self-centered society to a world more unstable and insecure.

The same inequalities have bubbled to the surface again.

Despite a global pandemic and tremendous acts of human kindness, our world still hasn’t learnt the importance of adjusting human behaviour to work together, being compassionate and not treating one another as enemies.

It is the insidious nature of social media, a pariah spreading vulgarity, violence and badness that makes me feel sad.

This chapter will be documented as a period of economic and social instability, uncertainty and helplessness.

Perhaps one where many feel at a loss to find a resolution to all the problems of the world.

Taking it on their shoulders as though it is their problem to solve and not the peoples.

The stories on social media report how people look forward to things going back to normal.


Have we not learnt from our past mistakes? Should we not focus on moving forward than looking back?

If you’re like me, you’re wondering what the future will look like?

What challenges are we going to face, and are we ready to handle them?

How do we prepare our children to carry the mantel and put the wrongs to right?

Common sense is the key.

Life isn’t always fair, and maybe it was my or even your fault.

We need to be accountable for things going wrong in our lives and not blame others or the government every time we don’t like the answer.

changing times lie ahead

If a teacher disciplines an unruly child for misbehaving they are suspended.

Parents are angry with their child’s teacher for not doing the job of disciplining their children when they failed to do it themselves.

Where school require parents to sign a form so the school nurse can administer paracetamol or hayfever medication.

Where criminals receive better treatment than their victims and if I protect my home from an intruder I face the possibility of being sued or prison for defending my family.

These are all stories we’ve read and know.

Shifting our outlook and perspective will surely change our attitudes along with kindness to all.

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