copywriting for an SME
SEO Copywriting tips for SMEs

Copywriting for an SME

Copywriting for an SME is likely to be the last on the To Do list because it requires thinking and planning up content. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Are you an SME and have little or no time for copywriting?

First off, very few of us are born with exceptional copywriting skills. It is a learned skill honed over many years of writing and skill that evolves and improves with practice.

Copywriting for an SME is the worst task on their TO DO list.


Because copywriting takes time, it includes researching, planning and then creating the copy for your website, email blasts, newsletters or direct mail piece.

You must not come lightly to the blank page

Stephen King

Stephen King’s quote sums up my approach to writing, whether for a sales page, a direct mail letter, web copy or a brochure.

Copywriting for an SME

Copywriting for an SME takes time and planning.

You can’t turn out a few words and expect what you write to bring hundreds of people to your website.

Writing is more than words on a page; it is telling a story about whatever it is you are selling.

From a life coach to a fitness instructor and foodie, the words you create need to make sense and have meaning they need to evoke emotion in your reader.

And if your business is supplying bespoke made windows for old cottages creating and writing website copy might not be what you’re good at.

It doesn’t matter how good you are at selling your product/service.

It has everything to do with how you write and present it across your marketing collateral.

Does your audience understand your message?

It’s all about understanding who your buyer is.

If you don’t know your buyer’s persona or why they are visiting your website or showroom, then it is unlikely you will make a sale.

Your copywriting addresses their concerns, it answers questions and sells to them in a meaningful way, and is clear about how your company can help.

What writing challenges do SMEs face when they do it themselves?

Copywriting for an SME

It’s in the planning. Most people who write their sales copy struggle with the blank page, a bit like the one here.

I don’t know where to start, I dont want to sound pushy or salesy, are some of the mental obstacles.

Writing copy for your sales pages is hard, and you’d be forgiven for thinking ‘if I can’t do it and I know my business, how the heck can a copywriter help me?’

We don’t know your business intimately, that is why it is the job of the copywriter to find out more so they can write to appeal to the emotions of your buyer.

Good copy is the start of the sales conversation and if you are unclear whom you are targeting, (who you are writing for) who you want to sell your goods too, then your hired copywriter certainly won’t know either and your copy will be vague and worthless.

Understanding what problems your customers have and writing copy that reflects that helps the visitor.

They might be browsing, they may not even know they have a problem until they stumble on to your website and start reading.

And so the copywriting must speak to them; personally, it is the start of a conversation, so it has to be written as if you are having a real one to one discussion.

I know what I want to write but how long should my sales pages be?

If it is technical and requires much detail then it needs to be long enough for the visitor to go yep, I like that and take the next step.

Writing and proofing to the point where you can genuinely say yes that sounds right and it makes sense, then, read it aloud.

Copywriting for an SME

SEO writing VS writing for your visitors

I’m sure you are familiar with the importance of using a keyword strategy and optimising keywords for your website and your blog posts.

Writing content needs to be original, readable and findable without it sounding like it’s been written for search engines.

Above all, it needs to keep your reader interested so they find out more. That said, not all SMEs have the time or knowledge to familiarise themselves with keyword strategy and SEO let alone make the time to write new content or update an existing website.

Do you have the time?

As an SME you no doubt have a busy daily schedule and is writing copy for your website or any content marketing the best use of your time?

The copy on your website is what your customers base their first impressions on so you want it done right.

A hired copywriter will have the skills and experience necessary to impress your potential customers to take the next step with you.

Are the services you offer clear for your visitor to understand?

Whilst it may be clear to you, is it crystal clear to your audience?

Copywriting for an SME

What is your niche?

Writing requires you to focus on your reader to help them make a decision and ultimately buy from you. The more specific you can be the more successful your online presence.

Having a blog that answers your customer’s questions can drive traffic to your website and help your SEO.

Position yourself as an expert in your market and you will develop better long term relationships.

Are your writing skills up to the challenge?

Let’s be brutal most SMEs don’t have the time or skill set to write website copy.

They might know what they want to write but can’t convey it well enough in words.

And then what happens is they write for themselves not thinking about the customer and it comes across as vague, non-specific and actually quite boring.

And even if you can write well, it isn’t only about grammar.

Do you have marketing writing skills?

Crafting copy for the web and digital mediums is very different and knowledge of SEO and marketing are required to optimise online content so it drives traffic to your website.

There are plenty of other challenges that can be added to the list but a small business has enough to deal with on a daily basis.

One of the toughest decisions is whether to hire a copywriter to help you with developing your content.

It is one of the most important weapons in a small business’ armoury with limited resources, people and time outsourcing this process can prove to be very cost-effective.

Your website is the first port of call, it highlights your brand, shares what you and your business are about and has call to actions so customers know what the next step is.

Get it wrong and you could end up with few leads and even less business, get it right and you’ll have a steady flow of leads.

For more information on working with a copywriter you can find out more here.

If your business is changing direction and you need a different tone with a new message, get in touch, let’s chat over a virtual coffee.

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