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SEO Copywriting tips for SMEs

How to get great results from your website content

I meet with SME’s in the course of my work through networking and business and there is one question, that as a copywriter I am regularly asked:

How do we get our website content to work harder and generate more leads and sales?

Oh, for a crystal ball and a little bit of lady luck. website content

My response to this question is simple – you’re being too vague and not specific enough.

We all want loads of leads more traffic to our websites and SALES.

If you don’t start with the end in mind to coin a Stephen Covey phrase (habit no. 2) then how can you expect your audience to know what they want when they land on your site?

I’ve said this before but think about the type of customer you are trying to attract to your website to buy from you.

Where are they, who are they and what are their pressure points?

The pain might be a problem that requires them to hire or outsource to an expert company, an organisation or person who can help them resolve the issue they have internally.

Writing the content for your website with this in mind will create empathy with your frustrated visitor it will also show them how you can solve their problems.

This will then lead them to pick up the phone to you or complete your ‘contact us’ form on your website.

Content should be viewed as a serious investment and your company should view it as part of its operational costs usually housed under the marketing budget.

Hiring a website content writer will not only be a worthy investment but will also be a valuable use of your time.

Here’s why

Would you pay £500 for a web content writer for a blog post that would then garner you £5000 worth of new business?

Sure you would, who wouldn’t.

Generating website content, coming up with new ideas, planning the writing, writing the content, posting it to social media and then monitoring all takes time, which, many companies don’t have.

Copywriters are content strategists and not marketing magicians so don’t expect miracles.

The skill of a qualified web content writer who has knowledge of SEO will most definitely be a worthy asset to the development of your website marketing.

You wouldn’t let a trainee Doctor perform heart surgery on you, would you?

website design website contentWriting website content is the same, you might think you can do it but it is a learned skill and it takes time to come up with the right content ideas, planning how to write it and finally the writing.

Will hiring a website content writer guarantee our content will generate more sales?

Not always because it takes time and effort on the part of the copywriter and the company to invest in making it work.

What I mean is there is no point hiring a website content writer who writes an amazing article filled with relevant keywords, exactly what you asked for but you don’t promote it through social media?

Well written content will showcase your company as an organisation who can help solve customer problems.

What do I need to think about when I hire a website content writer?

  • Be specific, what do you want to achieve, what’s the end game? Is it to rank at the top of Google, generate proactive leads that take action on your site?
  • Have a content plan and brief which outlines the scope of the writing project, what is required, what are you looking for, do you have a list of keywords? ( If you choose to work with me I can supply you with one)
  • What are your expectations/success criteria? This could be generating several leads that produce a sale to the value of £5000.
  • What keywords are important or are used in the niche you are trying to develop sales from?
  • What action do you want your reader to take after they’ve read your post? This is your CTA, Call To Action?
  • Who is your competition and what are they doing to drive traffic to their website?
  • What are they writing about and where do they rank on Google when you do a SERP’s?

If the above is too daunting and, too much like hard work, believe you me it is.

Then contact me for a free informal chat.

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