Finding meaning in life and work

You might be sitting at your desk right now reading this and thinking, I’m stuck in a rut I can’t get out of.

You might hate your job but, like your boss or worse, love your job and hate your boss.

How do we find meaning in the work we do or in life for that matter?

For some professions that might be easier, a teacher sharing the joy of a child learning the alphabet, a Doctor saving someone’s life, a plumber fixing an old couple’s radiator.

The cleaner who keeps the office toilets clean, should their job be any less important than the CEO whose job it is is to ensure the continued success of the company?

If we aren’t sure about what we want out of life how can we go and get it?

The same with our jobs, if we aren’t happy whatever our circumstances might be how can we stay motivated to achieve our life goals?

The things we want and need out of life are there for the taking as long as we have a set of goals rather than daydreaming about things and hoping that it will happen.

When I feel optimistic and determined I get lots done but if I start my day with a negative outlook it affects my work, how I am and how I approach things.

Without having something to aim for we get stuck, uncertainty creeps in and we question our validity.

Are we failures or successes? Are we liked or disliked?

When we change our mindset from being downcast and despondent to feeling and believing we are successful and confident our attitude changes.

People respond differently to us.

We feel good about ourselves because we have made a choice, a decision on what we want out of work and life and, where we are heading.

All of this sounds great but it requires time to assess and really sit down and think about what we want and how we are going to get it.

By visualising success and imagining what it feels like we can feel and touch it empowering us to want to go for it and make those changes happen.

Even if they start out as small steps, each step is closer to the goal we have set ourselves.

Listening to what our instincts and our hearts tell us helps us to focus and find that passion or true vocation.

Casting aside the little voice that says I’m not sure I can do this to yes I can, immediately makes us feel positive.

I have met many people in life who are forever positive they see the glass half full and not half empty.

Half the battle to enjoying life and getting the most out of life and work is to remain positive and be confident in ourselves.

Creating and defining goals helps us find that path to future happiness.

The hardest part is making the time to sit down and evaluate where you are, where you want to go and ultimately what you want.

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