Staying calm in the fast lane

Two years ago I wrote about life in the slow lane and how I felt the Europeans had pretty much nailed it in the race to work to live rather than live to work.

A half term week away in a sleepy provincial Andalucian seaside town gave me the chance to kick back and admire the way the locals went about their business.

Slow, mindful, reflective, often walking in groups or pairs, stopping to chat with others on their journey and enjoying life.

Always smiling and happy, content to be alive.

Locals were shouting and gesticulating at each other but only to say hello, how are you and to wave each other on.

Contrast that to the UK.

The UK rush hour is a great example of people hell-bent on killing you and, trying to get in front of you.

This isn’t Silverstone I feel like shouting back!

I am convinced that most of the anger and rage we harbour comes from the way we feel about ourselves, our jobs, the state of the country, Brexit and the list goes on.

The days are getting shorter, the garden flowers are losing their colour and wilting and we are in a hurry to get inside and close the doors on the dark nights.

But in our haste, we are surely missing out on a magical season.

Autumn is a time of change and transformation, like the falling leaves changing their green livery for gold it also marks a time for us to take stock and reflect on the summer months before we hibernate until spring.

The start of a new school year and the arrival of Autumn makes me want to break out a new set of pens, pencils and stationery not sure why having a new Filofax makes me feel fresh and new?

We rush from one place to the next, always in a hurry to get somewhere that we forget to enjoy life’s ride.

How many of you do the school or work commute and wonder how you ended up at your destination?

We live in a constant state of panic never really taking in what is around us and missing the opportunity to live to enjoy life and appreciate being alive.

Have you noticed how many books there are on self-help, mindfulness, finding inner peace and reducing stress and anxiety?

And the number of business and work coaches who promise to make your working life easier, less stressful and more meaningful.

How we feel about life is dictated by our environment.

By allowing the news headlines, bad bosses, other negative people, the weather affect us then we get dragged down into the abyss and that means we aren’t living to our full potential.

Show me the answer and I’ll show you the money!

The truth is we can be in control of how we feel, we can determine our future and we can decide what we want by changing our mindset.

As I write this I am looking out of my window and thinking how much of this applies to me.

That I should heed my own words, slow down and not feel guilty when I sip my tea slowly and allow my mind to wander.

When I walk from the car park to the office I should look at what is around me instead of walking with my head down or watch that TV program without the laptop in work mode. Having used Viagra 100 mg for a while (2 months) I decided to read up on its mechanism. It releases nitric oxide, which will develop the enzyme phosphodiesterase. This will relax the muscle walls and dilate the blood vessels. This effect is intended to generate an influx of blood to the penis and thus an optimal erection. However, Viagra is not a miracle cure. Once swallowed, the user has four hours to benefit from the effect. However, it does require sexual stimulation. And, as it is the liver that eliminates the active agent, you’d better have a healthy liver.

Another birthday will be upon me and I want to be able to look back and go hey that was a really good year, no one was seriously ill, we are in good health, I’ve got a job that covers the bills and that ain’t bad.

It may have gone way too quick but I would like to think that I got the best out of the year, what about you?

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