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How to create your brand values

As a working copywriter, I am often asked to take a look at a website this usually happens when I’m networking or at a customer meeting.

To review someone’s website takes time and is affected by subjectivity, for example, one website looks fab but you might hate it.

Subjectivity clouds our judgement when it comes to website design and content.

But what about your brand? website content, SEO copywriting services

I have written about the importance of brand but creating your brand requires thought and strategy.

To some extent, we have already created a version of ‘our brand.’

We may not be conscious of it but on a subliminal level, our brand values are evident in the way we conduct ourselves, the clothes we wear and our customer’s perception of us as an individual and, what your business means to them.

Having a brand image and style is a sure-fire way of differentiating yourself from the masses.

It reflects the personality of your business and is an effective way of building customer loyalty and confidence in your products and services.

On an emotional level, the customer buys from you because they trust in your brand and your company.

What they see on your website and the trust collateral that has built up over time is reassurance.

But how do you project that image so new visitors to your website get that warm fuzzy feeling?

What is your brand?

seo copywriting services, Brand valuesThink about this for a moment.

It starts with the tone of your voice on the phone but in words too, what are you trying to convey to your customers and newbie customers?

Similarly, your logo or house colours identify you and your company and symbolise what you stand for and what your business is about.

Those famous icons created by the likes of Amazon, Nike and Coca-Cola, we recognise them by the imagery and the picture that has been created in our minds and so we have trust and confidence in their products and services.

How do I create my brand or image?

Branding does not have to be an expensive exercise, you can create an image that best reflects your company or organisation and it can be just as effective in the niche you operate in.

Start with your house colours, what do you want to convey to your website visitors, do you have a logo that symbolises your business?

When this has been deliberated and finalised, your branding needs to be consistent across your website(s), social media, stationery, business cards, sales and marketing collateral, including any packaging and finally the body of the company email and email newsletters.

Customers become familiar with your logo they feel confident in the knowledge that you can deliver so when they see it, it will create an emotional response to take action.

The retail business, John Lewis & Partners ™ they stand for service and the procurement of high-quality goods, their tagline ‘never knowingly undersold’ represents quality and value. When you order from them you know you are buying a top quality product.

What are brand values? brand values, SEO website content

I think of these as the very essence of your business?

What is the heart of the business, what makes it tick, what makes it special?

They could be:

Excellent service – based on testimonials from other users
Friendly and helpful – see above
Fast delivery, if you are a local company
Always pick up the phone on the second ring – efficient and quick
Customer training on your products – a guarantee that the customer will know what to do
24 hour helpline – manned by trained staff

How do I get started

If you are an SME be mindful of keeping your house colours, logo, sales and marketing collateral consistent both online and offline.

You will need to make sure that the message becomes part of the culture of the business through its online and offline presence.

When you’ve decided what and how you intend to position yourself sticking to it means doing what you say you can do.

An example of this might be to use a tagline:

Dick Worthington – local plumber gets the job done fast

There is no point having this on the website if it takes our fictitious Dick three days to answer a call.

So whatever brand value(s) you decide on make sure you stick with them.

My recommendation for all your logo design and branding

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