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SEO Copywriting tips for SMEs

How to optimise your content marketing for your business

You’re setting up a business blog because you want to share your knowledge and expertise and get your message out.

You have a stack of ideas that you want to write and share on your website.

You’ve heard about content marketing but you find you’re stuck because you don’t really know where to start?

Or how to position your content so your customers make sense of it. content marketing

What is content marketing?

Seth Godin sums it up in one line, “Content marketing is the only marketing left”

Content marketing includes emails, social media posts, landing pages, product descriptions, services, case studies and direct mail, are all great examples of content.

It is about sharing your passion and expertise in a way that adds value to your reader’s life.

Above all, content marketing requires you set some marketing objectives such as:

– to win more customers

– generate more lead enquiries

– retain current customers

– promote your business in the marketplace and make people aware of your products/services

– develop or strengthen your brand

Content marketing involves thinking about your customers wants and needs and then creating powerful content that generates interest in your services that they want to find out more.

This is achieved by writing content that is purposeful and is positioned to answer questions your customers want answers to.

Think about your current customers who are they and how did they come to you in the first place?

Your content, therefore, helps your prospect make a decision.

Before they pick up the phone or fill out your contact form on your website they have already made a decision about whether to buy from you.

The vast majority of businesses interact with their customers through various mediums from e-newsletters, direct and indirect mail, online and offline to sell their products and services and it is tough trying to write content that differentiates you from the bigger or more established companies.

content marketing for the small business ownerThere are so many channels to get your message out there, that it can be daunting starting out.

I could go into detail about ‘multichannel marketing’, giving your customer various touchpoints to view your content and interact with you but that is for another post.

Whilst you are writing your fantastic post keep in mind the information the customer wants.

They more than likely don’t know what they are looking for although they may have an idea.

You want then to read your post and make them go shaz-zing so that the answer is staring them in the face.

They need you and your company.

How can content marketing and content writing help your business?

Writing informative and useful content brings people to your website, it is a way of starting what you hope will be meaningful dialogue with a prospect.

Initially, it is a one-way process in other words the customer is learning about you and wants to understand how well you do what you do as a company.

Why is content writing so good for my website and business?

The content you create for your website helps gain recognition for your company, it sets you apart from your competitors.

Your aim is to become a trusted and respected source in your industry, I like to call it a leading authority.

How can I make that happen?

It’s not easy but nor is life.

Not every prospect out there wants to work with a big company may be preferring a smaller more niche-specific company that can help them with their needs.

And you aren’t necesarily competing with the biggest competitors in your webspace therefore writing content makes sense as it sets you apart by making it more personal and specific to your target audience.

Targeting specific clients with your content increases website traffic, an SEO optimised blog post can bring people to your website who are interested in wanting to know more.Why content marketing and content writing can increase your website visitors

Results aren’t magical and certainly don’t happen overnight but consistently well-written content will ultimately lead to more visitors to your website.

You don’t have to have a massive content marketing budget either because by maximising your content writing with good SEO and refreshing any existing evergreen content will help get your website in front of the right eyeballs.

Visitors will find your company if what they are looking for is relevant to the search term they use.

Remember that quality is more important than quantity and writing website content strategically i.e. for customers that are looking for your services will lead to visitor traffic.

In my next post, I’ll offer a few tips that I put to good use to help you get the most from your content writing.

What do you think?

How do you manage your content writing?

Would it make sense to get someone like me to take your ideas and craft them into words?

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