SEO Copywriting tips for SMEs

10 tips to get more from your content marketing

This post follows last week’s and why it is so important to keep sharing content whether its news, updates about your business or sharing blog content any of the above keeps you in the eye of your prospective customers.

Content marketing is essential for any SME.

10 tips to get more from your content marketing for SMEs

Having a plan and sticking to it means when we do come out of this never-ending lockdown you won’t have to start from the beginning trying to establish your business online.

There are a gazillion ideas and a myriad of information and ideas to get your content read. 

Here are ten tips I use as part of my social media schedule.

  • Aim to be an expert in a specific niche and stick with it if you are an expert on water treatment as an example share everything you know about it and don’t forget to show your reader how you can help them
  • Focus on your audience who are they and what do they do. I’ve got stuck into this one to the point where I have a given each of my two profiles an actual name Diane and John, two profiles for each type of reader I want to visit my website.
  • Make it a habit. Everyone talks about making it a habit but like brushing your teeth twice daily look at social media updates the same way. Honestly, I ditched all the bloody social media calendars, and I think I have paid enough $ over the years to feed a small island. I stood looking out of the window brewing my tea, I had one of those eureka moments and went back to my good ole trusted google calendar and created a separate social media calendar so I can click out all the other crap and only view that specific calendar. Oh, for the simple things in life. Why make it complicated.
10 tips to get more from your content marketing
  • Commit and stick to the plan. I know it’s hard work and I would be a liar if I said I’ve nailed it because I haven’t. But, if you can eke out at least 14 days of social media bits ‘n’ pieces and add in some news plus blog content you’ve got a starter for ten. Alternatively, nothing is stopping you doing it daily as long as you schedule a time slot to post on your chosen platform(s).

How to get more from your content marketing

  • If you can afford to advertise your best content by using paid social media, google ads, twitter and sponsored Instagram posts, then give it a go.
  • Words and visuals go hand in hand. Many companies neglect the importance of words and end up sounding boring when they write their content. They want to share a great story about their business but what comes across is either a sales pitch or a piece that bores the pants of you. It isn’t about how excellent your products and services are but a story that shows how you’ve helped other customers bring their vision to life with your products and services.
  • Look at your past posts and see how many impressions, views, likes and clicks. Is there are a common theme, was it the time you posted it the update, did one channel outperform the others? Use this and test. Then monitor to see if you garner the same reaction again; then you have a formula to build on.
  • Headlines are everything. What is the first thing that makes you pick up a newspaper, read an online article or magazine? Invariably the headline. If it is eye-catching, controversial or has an intriguing element that compels us to drop everything and read it. The headline of your blog or social media update is worth almost all of the written content alone. It is there to captivate your reader, grab their attention, so they click through and read.
  • But this has to be backed up with well-written content. Otherwise, you have misled your reader. I’ve done this inadvertently come up with a stonking headline that leads to a blog that is about something entirely different. People don’t have the time to read they scan. Your content has to be concise without discombobulating them, in other words confusing them with jargon. Your headline tells your readers what they can expect to find when they click through to your article.

Readable content leads to more sociability and trust

  • I mentioned ten tips, but this one is by far the most important. Write for human beings and not for search engines. Writing for your audience includes ensuring the text is easy to read with a clear structure. Google likes easy to read content because it helps get a better understanding of what the content is about and will ultimately contribute to your SEO.

Lastly, writing and posting content leads to more social attention and trust by your customers and followers alike so making the effort will make a difference in the long term.

If you struggle to make the time to come up with ideas for your blog or write that much-needed content for your website. Get in touch and let’s talk about how I can help you.

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