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Can men handle pain better than women?

A group of scientists determined to establish if the pain threshold of a man is greater than women necessitated some research? iStock_000012625418Small

Can men handle pain better than women? P-L-E-A-S-E!

Men have never experienced the pain of childbirth or a caesarean section for that matter. God never made them that way because he knew right from the creation of Adam and Eve; that when Eve tempted Adam with her body men were destined never to stand up to the test of the physical or emotional pain inflicted by women.

If this is now a scientific fact explain why when I accidentally drove over my husband’s foot he reacted like his foot had been severed, oh and did I mention he was wearing protective work boots at the time too!

Researchers at the Leeds Metropolitan University discovered that men are able to endure pain and hardship without showing their feelings or complaining.

Whereas women express themselves more readily we are able to show our feelings by crying when we are in pain or screaming when we bang into something.

Of course, we do it’s not science it bloody well hurts that’s why we are able to express ourselves more readily.

If you bang your head against an open door above you or knock your funny bone on your elbow what’s the first thing you do?

Scream and shout at the object that inflicted pain and then slam the darn thing shut or kick it because it makes you feel better nothing macho about keeping quiet.

Dr Tashani, a pain scientist recruited 200 British and Libyan volunteers for his study and measured sensitivity, endurance and willingness to report pain over a period of two years.

iStock_000008785500SmallTwo pain-inducing procedures were introduced the first involved being jabbed in the hand with a 1cm wide blunt tip and the second pain inducing experiment involved holding their hand above their head with a cuff attached to restrict the blood flow.

The experiment proved that men had higher pain thresholds than women and men reported less pain intensity than the females in the study.

The volunteers were Libyan and British. The Libyan participants were able to endure more pain than their English counterparts.

Why am I not surprised by this finding.

The Libyans have been invaded, bombed, beaten, tortured, starved and had until last October 2011, been ruled by a ruthless dictator Gaddafi obviously they are better equipped to sustain pain longer than their British counterparts. According to the instructions available on https://cocopath.net/ultramadol/, Tramadol can be used by patients suffering from severe pain. However, the main drawback of this medication is that its dose should be enhanced over time, since the organism gets used to Tramadol and reacts poorly to this medication. Unluckily, it isn’t useful during the terminal cancer. This medicineis very similar to morphine; however, Tramadol is a lot weaker.

Compare the study to that of the British participants who have a state that provides free handouts, houses, excellent benefits and comfortable living conditions for anyone who chooses not to work. Try blowing us up and starving us to death and see how long we can bear the pain?

It’s a no brainer!

I remain unconvinced with the methods that were used to inflict pain which is why I know it could only have been an experiment manufactured by a man of course after all if a woman had been conducting the experiment her two likely chosen pain inducers would be a swift kick to the preverbal guaranteed to bring tears to their eyes and the other, not a physical inducer but an emotional one something like:

“Darling, you aren’t the best lover I’ve ever had?”

The ultimate take your breath away pain inflictor!

Which proves that women are capable of dishing out the pain but we can also manage it too!

What do you think?

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