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What does b2b content marketing have to do with a CV?

What does b2b content marketing have to do with your CV?

1. Are you struggling to stand out from the crowd? b2b content marketing

A CV needs to grab the attention of the employer straight away.

Work experience, qualifications, knowledge and achievements are essential but there is more to a CV.

A candidate sends in their CV to a company they’ve decided they want to work for, so they have to nail it in the first sentence and paragraph.

The same goes for your website and b2b content marketing.

You want your business to stand out above the rest.

The internet is crowded and it’s like searching for a needle in a haystack.

The No.1 goal for most businesses is to drive traffic to their website and to be on the first page of google.

The expertise, knowledge and industry qualifications are all critical to a prospective employer.

But, your website reader wants to see the personality of your business through the content on your website.

2. Is your content confident?

Like a CV, you need to be able to showcase skills and experience for the role you are applying.

Your website is the same; it is a window to your business your online company CV and it tells a would-be customer why they should buy from you.

If the content comes across as a bit vague or lacking confidence, then how can you expect a buyer to follow through?

When it comes to writing content, exert your confidence and expertise.

Showcase your expertise using testimonials and case studies, giving a unique insight into your company.

3. How proactive are you?

Are you consistent with your b2b content marketing?

How often does the blog get updated?

Is there a team member responsible for the content?

Do you regularly engage with your customers through email marketing and social media updates?

Show your audience what you do and why it is successful?

b2b content marketing4. How resilient is your business?

In life and business, we fall into potholes that slow down our progress.

The content marketing plan that you believe is going to deliver exceptional results falls flat on its face.

Show off how long you’ve been in business, your success stories and failures for that matter.

It shows the human side of the organisation and in my opinion, there isn’t enough of that on the web.

Show your commitment and dedication to solve customer problems.

People buy people and when they buy they want to see the face of the company.

5. Be adaptable to change.

An employee applying for a new job has to demonstrate that they are willing to change and it is the same in business.

The business landscape has changed radically over the last twelve years and your content needs a regular review and refresh to keep it updated.

6. Be positive

A candidate may well be qualified for the job, but if they have a negative attitude this comes across in the way they talk and through their body language.

A website is the window of the company and visitors are peering in to get a better view.

The words you use reflect the attitude and culture of your business.

Making use of persuasive and positive words to express your company’s attitude, culture and positivity help convey the value of what you are selling.

Business owners, entrepreneurs and content managers know what they want to say but can’t always put their ideas and thoughts into words.

Good b2b content writers know how to translate these thoughts and ideas into words that make sense to the reader.

A brilliant product and service won’t sell on its own.

Great words generate leads, create brands and acquire new customers.

Great content is the ONLY thing you have to make success happen.

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