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Why is your brand important?

Why is developing your brand in print and online important?

What do the personality and tone of your website, sales, and marketing collateral have to do with your brand?Why is your brand important?

Your brand is you.

It is about your business, your products, and services, in essence, it is at the heart of what and why you do what you do.

Your brand is your personality it is the ingredient that builds the emotional and psychological relationship with your customers.

The word brand is synonymous with the giants of commerce think Amazon, Nike, Coca-Cola, Burberry, Prada to name a few.

A quick internet search and I find, “a type of product manufactured by a particular company under a particular name”.

Brand familiarity gives you confidence in the knowledge that they have a track record either because you’ve ordered from them or you know other people have.

It also has an intrinsic value to you personally because more often than not it is the first place you go when you are looking to purchase.

Why is having a brand important?

SMEs are confused as to why they need to develop their brand to reflect themselves, their product or service?

Why is your brand important?Why is it important that your website reflects your brand image?

How your content is written both on and offline directly represents the ethos of your business and its personality.

Sales come first, the number one rule of selling is ‘people buy people first’.

The ever-increasing online and digital world means that having a human interaction that is, a face to face meeting is becoming extinct.

More often than not the first touch point for your customer might be the printed direct mail pack you send him, followed by your website.

It is is the content that matters not the medium it is consumed on.

If the customer doesn’t understand what your print or online sales collateral is telling them and they don’t get it, he/she won’t buy it’s as simple as that.

When it comes to repurposing your website, content, blog posts, direct mail pieces, email newsletters think about it in terms of your personality and that of your business and employees.

What unique aspects make up the personality of your business?

  • What is the name of the business and is it relevant to what you do?
  • How does the design of your content, website, and blogs reflect your business personality?
  • Does the tone of the website suit your business i.e. friendly, informal, personal or technical, formal, specific or salesy?
  • What core values does your business stand for and are they reflected in your social media and online capital?
  • Where are you most likely to find your target audience and what makes a good fit with the personality of your business?
  • Are you well known in your niche, is your business well known?

Sprite and R.White’s make the same fizzy carbonated drink, their brand and personality are unique and very different even though the product is perceived as the same.

How do you build your brand? Why is your brand important?

Building your brand is about selling your products and services so people want to buy from you.

In doing so they get to know you and the business and in turn, you build up brand capital in the form of great service and goodwill.

In the good old days, this would be done with cold calling either on the phone or in person.

Off you’d go sales brochures and business cards in tow, knocking on business doors or on the phone making appointments to meet the right people to sell your services.

The arrival of the internet changed the way we purchase products and services and, the way we market our business.

The sales process starts by producing great content for online and print that reflects your business personality and, sets you apart from your competitors.

Getting customers to your website requires excellent writing skills, a good understanding of SEO and a whole plethora of armoury that sets you apart from the crowd all of which takes time and creativity.

Think about what you want to achieve and where you want to position yourself with your audience and then write the content keeping your personality at the heart of it.

Alternatively, hire a freelance writer who will do the whole lot for you, take your ideas and produce great content at a price that won’t make your eyes water.

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