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10 reasons for hiring an SEO content writer

I met with an SEO/website consultant recently who explained how he redesigns websites and has four that are waiting to go live but with no content?

This is a real conundrum for the SME?

The design and layout of your website is done you’ve set up the hosting, it looks exactly how you want it to look now all you need is the content.

Writing your own website content it is a real challenge at the best of times but if you are not a content writer even more of a challenge.

How do you find the right words for your website? seo content writer

You hire a freelance SEO content writer to do the job.

An SEO content writer will craft text that is SEO friendly and will increase website visitors.

Producing content for your website should not be undertaken lightly. It is an essential marketing tool for your business.

The quality of the content will have a direct impact on your website’s overall success.

Hiring a content writer rather than trying to do it yourself makes good financial sense and can save you time – thinking, planning and writing.

Here are 10 reasons why hiring a content writer makes absolute good financial sense.

1. Jot down your company ethos, its culture, its products and services. Any information you can provide will aid the content writer to get the most out of the content. Answer any questions the copywriter has because this will increase the value of the content.

If you are concerned about providing confidential trading information then be sure to ask them to sign an NDA. (Confidentiality Agreement) which I provide to customers who want that added reassurance.

Define any jargon that is used in your industry and don’t assume they will understand.

You may well be an expert in your industry but your content writer isn’t and they have to get up to speed quickly.

Any information you can give about your company, its products and services will help the content writer nail the copy.

2. What are your main objectives for your website? What is your goal? Do you need a website presence to sell products, to promote services, to generate traffic, to promote an event? Is it there to generate leads or to build your brand?

Be really specific on your exact needs so it’s clear what you want people to do when they come to your website.
Any information you provide will directly affect the type of content that is written and determine the call to action, what action you want your visitors to take.

seo content writer3. What is your USP ( unique selling point) this phrase has been around forever?

What makes your business, your product or even you, unique? How do your products differ to that of your competition?
What sets you apart from the others? Why hire you? What makes you unique?

A skilled SEO content writer will take this information and highlight these elements and will make your products look superior to that of your competition.

4. Provide any sales and marketing material that you have as this is helpful in defining the tone to be used within the context of the copy. Identify any promotional items that were successful or were failures as this helps redefine the content.

I think it’s essential that the content on your website reflects the company ethos.

5. Allow your content writer to chat with key members of your organisation. Why?

This is the foundation of my success as a copywriter. Talking with marketing or sales personnel who are the people at the centre of your company helps me get a real insight into a company.

It reminds me of the years spent in recruitment getting to know the companies I recruited for.

How do they manage the day to day stuff and how do they solve problems?

This makes great background content and adds real value to testimonials and case studies. This information gives your content writer a deeper understanding and your website will be factual and relevant.

6. Get real. Set realistic deadlines for your project. Start with the end in mind. When do you need the work to be completed by?

You don’t want a rushed job so detail the specification and requirements and break it down into bite-sized chunks.

Look at what you want to promote and define which aspects are the most important.

7. Revisions, amendments and redrafts are part of the writing process and it is unlikely that your incumbent content writer will deliver perfection at the first sitting.

The redrafting process is essential and an content writer will supply a first draft which will require you to spend time checking it.

Most copywriters will provide one or two revisions as part of their fee thereafter rewrites or significant changes are chargeable so make sure you get your specification and details right at the start.

8. Input from you is crucial to keep your content writer on track.

I usually write a page of copy and then request some feedback to make sure that I am hitting the mark. Does the tone reflect what the client wants? It saves on time and it helps me ensure I am going in the right direction.

Feedback should be done face to face and not via email that way there are no misinterpretations of what was said and this feedback is a better use of your time.

9. When the finished copy is presented READ, REVIEW and READ again. Does it reflect the essence of what you wanted? Has the copywriter nailed it for you?

If they have, tell them, it makes a huge difference and then write a testimonial for them.seo content writer

10. Hiring a freelance SEO content writer is an investment for all the reasons I’ve mentioned above. If you don’t place value on your company’s products or services why should your customers?

Look at other ways you can use the content. Can it be repurposed for a promotional brochure, email newsletter or sales pitches? This ensures continuity of the tone and consistency across the multichannel platforms you are using.

11. Lastly, treat your content writer as a valuable part of the team. The more they get to know and understand your company and values the more are they will be on target and get the results you want.

By crafting creative words that inspire your audience to take action.

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