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How to get the best from your website content

How to make the most from your website content

The last two blogs I have focussed on why marketing your business online is crucial during the coronavirus.

It is a great way to let people know that your company can deliver the services and products they want.

It also reinforces your social media and online presence.

But there is more to merely having a website.

A lot of the SMEs have impressive websites with images and some content.

But, on closer inspection, the image files slow the site and the last time they added any relevant content was back at the turn of this century.

A website is like growing peonies ( my favourite flower) they need love, care and lots of attention.

Web copy is never done, or up to date for that matter unless you have a fulltime department that reviews it daily.

I am often asked

Why isn’t my website working harder for me?

Why don’t I get more leads?

Why don’t my visitors convert into email subscribers?

There are potential trip hazards to avoid when you set up or rewrite your website but your content should always be at the forefront.

Do you know what your customer is looking for?

How do they search for your products and services?

What keywords are they using to find you?

Put yourself in the shoes of your customer so that your content is geared towards answering their questions.

How to make the most from your website content

Marketing is not a one-time sales push

I hear a lot of ‘I posted some content, and it got some traction, but then nothing? That was a month ago.

We have short term memories and unless you are a real big brand think Nike, Adidas, Chanel, you aren’t at the forefront of your audiences’ mind.

You need to regularly show up on social media much like networking, so people become familiar with your service offerings.

If you don’t invest time on your website and you don’t promote your site, people will stop looking and they won’t buy.

Promoting your website is a continual process.

To build momentum and gain traction so people visit your website you have to keep promoting it; otherwise, you won’t get the visitors.

They will forget you and your competitors will beat you in the race to gain more leads and enquiries.

Without regular traffic, leads slow down and sales development is long-winded.

Is your content non-existent?

If you aren’t writing a blog, posting news updates, sharing useful information in a way that helps a potential customer, then you are not helping your business.

Any content needs to be meaningful to your reader; it needs to help them answer the questions they haven’t even thought up yet.

Writing content takes time, effort and skill, and not everyone has those attributes in abundance.

Your website copy will benefit from the services of a content writer someone who understands the nuances of writing.

Good copy conveys information in a conversational tone while at the same time provides triggers that push the reader to take action.

What can you offer your website visitors in exchange for their email address?

If your copy informs but offers no incentive for the visitor to do something, they will up and leave it’s as simple as that.

If you don’t have any way of capturing website visitors details, then how will you leverage your traffic into leads and sales?

Ideally, this could be a freebie that helps them; an e-book or information sheet telling them how to do something or it could be a call to action.

To view it, they have to subscribe, but it needs to be useful enough for the visitor to take time to fill in that email sign up form.

You must have a follow-up email sequence, so they become familiar with your offerings.

As they get to know, like and trust you, they see you as someone who is authoritative and who can help them and will buy from you.

Invest, invest, invest in marketing.

The coronavirus has changed everything and, how we manage our sales and marketing.

Writing a blog post once a year, posting on Linkedin every six months and never updating your web copy is not investing in marketing.

It takes time, and most SMEs are short of cash and time.

If you don’t make that commitment to invest in your website copy, you will be one of those companies scratching their head, wondering why their website is not converting.

Search engines aren’t the only source of traffic, Google ads, PPC and social media ads are also worth spending a little time.

Set a budget and experiment with running ads.

If you haven’t invested in your website copy recently then don’t waste your time on running ads because your visitor will be disappointed when they land on your site.

Do you need some help with getting your website to generate more leads?

Are you struggling to update your website copy?

For professional results, click here to book a free consultation call with me and let’s make a difference together.

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