SEO Copywriting tips for SMEs

How to write content that sells

You’re in front of your computer trying to think up some great ideas for your sales copy and a few good reasons why people should visit your website.

But you just cannot think of anything to write to promote your company.

Promoting yourself, your company and your services takes time and a lot of thought. Writing copy that sells SEO content writer

As human beings, we are reticent about showing off how good our products and services truly are.

With this in mind, I’ve come up with nine tips to consider when you are planning a sales and marketing direct mail piece but, the same can be related to your website.

Please note that what you write for a printed piece should never be pasted onto your website.

Website content requires a different approach and you can find out more here.

First things first

The single most important thing is to start with the one unique benefit of the product/service you are selling and then reinforce this on your website with a FAQ, case studies and testimonials.

As you create your sales letter intensify the feelings of what the customer will get if they purchase from you.

1. Decide what it is you want to sell or promote?

The first thing I learnt in freelance journalism is to consider these three points, this is your driver for purposing your content.

What is it for?

Using OWV as an example, my brief is to help companies develop content for their websites, blogs and copy. I help by writing copy which, I hope customers find helpful.

Who is it for?

I work with SMEs that have a marketing budget but who might need a freelancer to take up the slack and who can inject new ideas into their marketing content.

writing copy that sells SEO content writing

Where is it for?

This depends on what the client wants it could be for a sales/marketing direct mail or for the web.

Talk about one product or service at a time and don’t include too many products or services in one hit there should always be a separate promotion for each product and service.

2. Timing

Not always essential but if you are running a promotion tie it to an awareness day, or Christmas, a Bank Holiday special or Easter this makes the promotion more relatable.

3. White space

When writing copy for print don’t be afraid to leave some white space, bold text where it’s relevant and write paragraphs and not one big block of text.

Include photographs/images and add a caption describing what it is is. Photos help break up the copy and make it easier on the eye.

4. What’s the point?

Get to the point of your sales promotion quickly your aim is to create momentum so the recipient is more likely to read to the end of the letter.

5. Don’t oversell or overwrite.

By giving too much information and loads of details will only serve to baffle the customer. Too much choice and they are likely to throw the mail in the bin or leave your website.

You want to capture their attention by giving them just enough information for them to take action.

6. What’s in it for them? How to write copy that sells SEO content writer

Exemplify how it’s going to save time, what it can do for them, what are the benefits and how will it help the customer. Be specific.

If your product has proven to generate sales by 39% say so, if it increases leads by 41% say so, if it saves 2 days then say so.

Don’t be ambiguous, quantify it.

7. Keep it personal.

How many times do you receive a direct mail letter starting with Dear Customer? Personalising is absolutely critical although website copy is different you can still have a conversational style.

People buy logically and then justify their purchase emotionally. So make it personal.

8. Call to action

Invite your prospect to take some action. What do you want them to do? On a direct mail piece, you could add a QR code which takes them to a landing page? Include your call to action at the end of your mailing piece, redirecting them to your website, ask them to call you, get them to sign up or subscribe

9. Hello, how do I find you?

Make sure you include telephone numbers and email/web addresses. I received a lovely sales letter that was well written but I couldn’t find any contact details?

On a website make sure to include things like contact details, telephone number and also an FAQ this reinforces what you have already written in your sales letter.

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Thanks again

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