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How to write copy that sells to your audience

I write copy for clients.

As a freelance copywriter, it is my job to write copy that sells first and foremost.

The first thing I absolutely have to do is write down ‘You’re not selling to yourself but to your customer”. writing copy that sells

When you are writing copy you need to get into the mindset of your customer.

How does your customer think?

Who are you writing it for?

What do they need?

And this is hard because it means changing your mindset to think like your customer.

For example, my customer is an SMB with a marketing budget.

He/she will most likely have a fulltime person(s) doing some form of marketing and social media, but time resources are limited which, is where I come in.

I can pick up the slack of the projects they are wanting to start or complete but haven’t got the time to do.

I am imagining my customer profile.

Likely overworked with some great ideas, desperately wanting to create content, knows what their marketing objectives are, has the money to spend to get it done, but lacks time.

writing copy that sells Here are ten things to consider when writing your own content for your business website

  1. Keep your copy simple without any complicated jargon unless the product requires it.
  2. What is the main point of the content, always start with the end in mind.
  3. Have one single goal – is it to generate leads, to get visitors to download a freebie, to subscribe or to sign up for an event.
  4. Trigger an emotional response and be personal like “our offer is simple…, you’re under no obligation to…, try_at our own risk…, what have you got to lose?”
  5. Write as if you are having a conversation with the person you are selling to.
  6. Tell the story of how you helped a customer with your products/services, what happened, how did they benefit?
  7. Then, tell a future story. Imagine a fictional scenario for a client and write it as you would imagine it happening. I love this one because it really gets me to think about my customer and how I KNOW I can help them.
  8. What’s in it for them? People buy on emotions and then rationalise the purchase afterwards. I used to give my customers sweets (on the print side of my business) If you have any doubts take one of these sweets and you will be ok. And you know what, they loved it when the first print run was complete they were delighted.
  9. Why do they need to buy from you? What do they get from you? Upsell your company products and enhance your company image by using phrases like; ‘It’s our job to…, we offer the added advantage of…, we can make your life easier.
  10. The headline is everything it needs to convey what you are offering, what it is about and how it can change their lives.

Writing copy is important and you need to respect your audience.

I treat my readers with thought, care and attention

If they show up, I want to make sure they read something that is useful. (Hopefully?)

Whether it is for a marketing sales brochure or a blog post the words and the tone need to count.

If you need a content writer to do the hard work then contact me using the form below and we can have a chat or even meet for a tea/coffee.

Until next time.

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