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How to write great content without fancy buzzwords

How do you set the right tone and brand for your business without using fancy buzzwords and jargon?

When you are telling a story your content should use words that will convey the message you want to tell.

It will help to sell the ethos of your organisation. People want to know what they are buying and, what your brand is about.

Words like authentic, revolutionise, disrupt and synergy which has been around since the 80s are cliches that are old and make your copy look uninspiring to readers.Buzzwords, SEO content

Case studies are great examples of showcasing your products and services.

Using examples of happy clients gives confidence to the reader that they are in the right place.

How many times do you read stuff on the web that makes you cringe?

All to frequently I read articles and web content that contain buzzwords that don’t add any value.

Conversely writing web copy that does nothing but sell can be a turn-off.

Words such as cutting edge, latest technology, easy to use, genuine and innovative are overused.

Everyone has a product that is best in class, easy to set up and innovative.

Buzzwords, SEO contentWriting any content requires thinking out of the box (there’s another cliche)

Writing copy for your website requires you to detail information about your products and services so demonstrate your features and benefits concisely.

What is your customer likely to ask themselves when reading your webpages?

I use the ‘what if’ factor, what is the customer thinking and asking when he reads your content?

Content should be appealing to your audience at the same time validating your business and its authenticity.

It should be fresh and sets up your company as approachable this is the heart of what your business is about.

Showcasing your business but with the customer at the centre of it, your content should be all about what it can do for them and not about you.

Finding the right tone when writing content will define your brand – personable, conversational and friendly without sounding too stuffy or technical.

Your writing should communicate what you want your reader to know.

By reading it back to yourself and putting yourself in the shoes of the customers you are targetting helps.

Setting a clear writing objective and using the right conversational tone is guaranteed to make an impact on your reader.

I read Stephen King’s, ‘On Writing: A Memoir of the craft’ during the summer holidays.

Adopting words that are concise and to the point rather than using long words to dress up content.

Buzzwords, SEO content

‘Never use the word ’emolument’ when you mean tip’ was an example he quoted.

Other examples might be:

At this point in time when now will do

The bottom line when what’s in it for you/us is better

Mega when big covers it

Finally talking with your readers instead of at your reader ensures you put the priorities of your audience at the heart of all of your content.










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