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Why hiring a content writer is a waste of time

I cheekily titled this post to grab your attention and if you are reading it then I succeeded.

Now I’ve got your attention … web content writer, seo copywriting

The whole point of hiring a content writer is to help you craft great SEO content for your website.

You can find out more about what a content writer does here.

Content writers by their very design help their customers increase website traffic, generate enquiries and design copy that establishes authority and creditability.

Words on a page can be meaningless unless they set the right tone and reflect your brand identity.

Why should I bother I can do it myself?

Of course, you can but realistically how much time do you have?

Choosing to work with a content writer is a serious business, after all, they are being paid out of the profit your business has made and you’ve worked hard for it so naturally, you want to see a bit of ‘bang for the buck’, a return on your investment.

There are so many content writers how do you find the right one?

Get specific what is it you need doing?

Is it a blog post, a print and mailing piece or website copy?

Then, hone in on someone who can either provide you with all of the above and more or a specialist who solely works on website copy and SEO.

When you’ve got that sorted you need to think about what your project involves and what the timescale is.

How do I specify my requirements?

Good content writers will be able to give you a ‘copy brief template’ (I supply one to all my clients to help them get the most out of the project)

This gets them to think about the style and tone of the copy but this is where I, personally take more interest by getting to know you and your business.

I like to ask lots of questions and get to know you, after all, it’s your business and any content needs to be written like it has been penned by you.

But I like to go in deep, deep and deeper.

I want to know about you, what makes you tick, what is the ethos of the business how you sound and the way you engage with me tells me a lot about you and your business.

Understanding your requirements in great details will help me to write the copy that best reflects you and your company so the imagery conveys a story to your customer.

If we get that right, the content gains visibility and you get more enquiries.


web content writer, seo copywritingIt’ll cost money wont it?

Yep, nothing in this life is free except the air we breathe and who knows in time that might be taxed too.

If you want the best then you have to expect to pay the right rates, it really is simple, you get what you pay for.

To quickly illustrate I had some new business cards printed.

Rather than using my old faithful, trusted excellent quality local printer, I thought I would try this very well known online print company.

What a disaster I uploaded my PDF and two days later boom, my new cards arrived.

Let’s just say I needed a magnifying glass to read them.

Now I’m pretty damn sure those PDFs were spot on and I checked the proof.


I went back to my usual printer and got a proper job done. I ended up paying twice for the job.

The moral of the tale?

You really do get what you pay for.

Whilst there are many online sites that offer copywriters at lower than low prices I wouldn’t recommend them.

If content writers undervalue themselves then we devalue the services we provide as a whole.

Working with a content writer should be considered part of your sales and marketing budget.

It is an investment and if you don’t invest in your website or marketing for that matter and take it seriously then why should a visitor take your business and services seriously?

Will I guarantee extraordinary results?

Will the sunshine tomorrow, will England ever beat the Aussies and retain the Ashes.

Look, I write I am not someone that analyses data and whilst I have a good working knowledge of SEO and keywords the web is the web unless you invest time in promoting the content I have written for you then you won’t get the results you want.

A great content writer can make a big impact but someone who can edit and collaborate and work with you, throw around a few ideas, make suggestions and generally offer real constructive advice is even better.

There you have it some good reasons to hire a content writer and make things happen for your website.

For more information and for an informal chat drop me a line below.

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