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SEO Copywriting tips for SMEs

What you ought to know about hiring an SEO content writer

Most SMEs know the importance of content marketing. Content writer

Don’t underestimate the benefits of a freelance SEO content writer.

Whether you’re doing it or not, many business owners appreciate the true value of getting their name and brand ‘out there’.

But it’s hard work.

Think about it.

  • You need someone to take responsibility for the process
  • You need a social media plan
  • A content marketing plan
  • And above all else, you need to be consistent in your efforts

You need content ideas, time and inspiration.

It is hard work turning up every week to write a blog or a bit of meaningful content that you hope more than a handful of people read.

And then promote it through the various social channels.

Are you wondering if it really is worth the type and hype?

SEO content writingBut what if you decide not to do any of the above?

Many SMEs deliberate over outsourcing the process of writing but what stops them dead in their tracks is trust and whether a freelance SEO content writer understands their business.

Can you afford to outsource your content and blogging?

Will the content writer understand your needs and interpret them into the written word.

What do you do?

Nothing because rather than entrusting it to a specialist, SMEs choose to do NADA – nothing!

What about managing your content writing internally?

Is there someone in your company that can plan and write?

The best blogger could be the very person working in customer services.

He/she gets to deal with all the incoming issues your customers face – problems, delivery issues, production problems, solutions, you name they deal with it.

Making a decision to blog in-house requires a formulaic approach.

Creating a formalised position within your organisation whereby that person is solely responsible for the upkeep of fresh new content for the website, blogs, newsletters and social media channels.

It’s a challenge and not one to be taken half-heartedly.

You need to plan, organise and invest but it can be more effective in the long term than outsourcing.

What are the advantages of content writing in-house?

  • No one understands your company better than you do, your brand and your tone are your inner sanctum, no one does it better than you.
  • You have experts in your company – customer service and sales personnel who know your services and products
  • There’s no project management phase needed as the person writing knows the company and its products so can get turn their hand to writing about it quickly
  • There’s no additional salary as the person is already an employee

That’s it then, keep it inhouse.

What are the disadvantages of content writing in-house?blogging

  • Can the nominated person write well? Not everyone can write for the web or craft great quality content with SEO and keywords.
  • Do they understand how SEO works and how to incorporate keywords into blogs?
  • Getting the leadership to respect the value of content marketing and blogging is a real challenge preferring to funnel money where they can see tangible results.
  • Have you got the time, resources and planning to get your content marketing set up?
  • Are you committed for the long term? Blogging and content writing requires 3-6 months, anything less just won’t cut it not in this day and age.
  • Consistency is essential for any content to work.

What are the advantages of working with a freelance SEO content writer?

  • They are writing experts, most will appreciate SEO and keyword placement
  • They are committed to delivering good quality content on time because they want a long term relationship with you. Regular writing = regular income.
  • Content writers understand how to write for the web. They proofread, edit and manage research that is required for a project.
  • When a content writer takes on a project they are committed to you and to sticking to a schedule. They want a working relationship and ultimately they want you to write a great testimonial for them.

content marketingWhat are the disadvantages of working with a content writer?

  • When you outsource ANYTHING you do lose control but if you find the ‘write’ person to collaborate with it’s a breeze.
  • Teamwork and trust, which, is built over time. Letting go of the stuff that ties you to your desk when there are more important business issues is part of the process.
  • A content writer’s understanding of your company will be limited. When it comes to writing content they won’t have the depth of knowledge and the expertise you have.
  • Hiring a content writer will add cost to your bottom line. But if done right, will more than double your ROI. Look at a minimum of 3-6 months for the content to gain traction and then you will see the benefits of your investment
  • Invest in it. There’s no point going down the route of outsourcing only to give up after 2 months. Work with your content writer and treat them as part of the team. You will get better results if you do.

Either option or a combination of both works well but whatever you choose do commit to it and invest some time with your hired content writer.

Let them ‘interview’ you so they get a real feel about your company.

One final thing, you have control because you will proofread and approve copy prior to publishing ensuring you manage the quality of the content

If you need help ping me a message and we can chat.

There’s absolutely no risk on your part. Just the promise of me showing you how I can add real value to your content.

A simple invitation with no strings attached.

All the best.

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